Progest-E Heat Damage?


Dec 31, 2012
I was hoping someone could answer this for me please. I left a bottle of Progest-E in the car overnight. :cuss I didn't realise it was in there for most of the next day and it was pretty hot. The bottle was pretty soft from the heat. It was not in direct sunlight, it was under the seat. Do I bin it? Or is it still ok but not as potent? I'm thinking it's damaged now and I can't use it. Thoughts?


Re: Progest -E heat damage

I think only the vitamin E is damaged not the progesterone.


Jun 12, 2013
Re: Progest -E heat damage

I had a bottle sit out in the mail for half a day this past summer and still used it. It was still effective. I don't even bother to store it in the fridge anymore.


Jul 24, 2013
Re: Progest -E heat damage

j. said:
I think only the vitamin E is damaged not the progesterone.

In my own case, and a dozen people I know, a single bottle has been good for effective doses after many months without refrigeration. I likewise suspect that the vitamin E is less effective due to the oxidizing influences.

I know it is not ideal and encourage refrigeration as possible. Practically speaking, some people will use the oil more consistently if it's by the bedside. It becomes a difference between non-ideal use, and no use.


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Dec 31, 2012
Re: Progest -E heat damage

Thanks guys for your input. I might continue to use it and just monitor how I feel.
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