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Jan 19, 2013
I began using Progest E about 6-8 weeks ago for menopausal symptoms of insomnia and hot flashes. It did help with that somewhat but I also have begun having bad joint pain in my feet, eck and elbows/wrists. Can someone tell me why. Did I use too much and have unbalanced my system? My doc has said my blood level of estrogen and progesterone are very low. Any advice would be great. Thank you! Thecookie1

If answers to this are already posted could you help direct me to the right area.


Nov 1, 2012
Haagendazendiane wrote:
Rayser wrote:
The progesterone receptor (if you believe in such a thing), is a protein. To use progesterone you need adequate protein. Ray Peat mentions he "doesn't feel quite right" if he gets less than 100g a day. I need more. If you don't get enough protein (and progesterone will raise the demand) your body will use up the protein most easily available: that's the one in your skin.
Usually you notice it first below your eyes.
If you make sure to eat enough potatoes, the effect will disappear again.

Is it "make sure to eat enough potatoes" or protein? Or both?

RP: "The problem of refeeding starving people has many features in common with the problem of correcting the liver malfunction and hormone imbalances which follow prolonged malnutrition of a milder sort. The use of the highest quality protein (egg yolk or potato juice, or at least milk or meat) is important, but the supplementation of thyroid containing T 3 is often necessary."

RP: "Balanced proteins, such as cheese, potatoes, eggs, and beef- or lamb-broth (for the gelatin and mineral content in particular) will prevent the tryptophan excess that suppresses the thyroid and is potentially a nerve toxin."

RP: "Estrogenic influences can be significantly reduced by avoiding foods such as soy products and unsaturated fats, by eating enough protein to optimize the liver’s elimination of estrogen, and by using things such as bulk-forming foods (raw carrots, potatoes, and milk, for example) that stimulate bowel action and prevent reabsorption of estrogens from the intestine. Avoiding hypothyroidism is essential for preventing chronic retention or formation of too much estrogen."

RP: "Potatoes, because of the high quality of their protein, are probably relatively free of toxic signal-substances."

Most women who told me that progest-e didn't work for them or made their symptoms worse, thought of it as they would of a drug: Everything in their lives stays the same but they use this drug and things magically get better.
Of course that will not work. It's not a drug. If you don't eat enough high quality food, especially protein, progesterone cannot work. If you eat PUFA and lots of starch, goitrogens, not enough salt and sugar, you don't get enough vitamin E and A and B vitamins, enough calcium and magnesium -- you will not only suppress your thyroid gland but also shift your hormone balance toward the stress hormones like estrogen, cortisol, prolactin, melatonin, histamines ...

Progesterone is one piece of a puzzle, not a dea ex machina.
If you start to learn how your organism works and understand the role of progesterone within the organism it will become clearer that as much as possible about our lives and our environment has to be optimized in order to be healthy.
Progesterone is only a step on the way and usually not the first step.
I would always start with aspirin, salt, sugar and eliminating PUFA. And reading every article by Ray Peat.


Nov 1, 2012
I tried to copy the thread address so you could read all of it but failed. This part here has a lot of helpful information. Someone else might be able to connect you to the thread.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Haagendazendiane said:
I tried to copy the thread address so you could read all of it but failed. This part here has a lot of helpful information. Someone else might be able to connect you to the thread.

Here is the link to the thread:



Aug 7, 2013
Hi all. Newbie here. I just purchased and started using the Progest E Complex. First time using it and have never used any other progesterone transdermal before. 57 year old male here by the way. I have a couple questions on the product if any of you are nice enough to answer for me.

1) Is there not suppose to be an expiration date on the bottle? I do not have one on mine.

2) I'm having a hard time determining what a "drop" is. The consistency of my product is comparable to honey. I have to squeeze it out like toothpaste coming out of a tube. So because of this, I have a hard time determining what a drop size amount is? Is the consistency suppose to be like this <maybe I got a bad batch?>, and if so, how do I ballpark the amount that corresponds to a "drop"? I'm trying not to overdose with it and stay within the normal range for males of 8 to 10mgs daily.

3) For males, I have read differing information as far as dosage frequency. On one hand I have read where it's best to do a 5 on and 2 days off weekly. On the other hand, I read a Mercola article saying "men" do not need to cycle off of it at all and no breaks needed. Any of you males out there have any views on this that may be taking Progest E Complex?



Jan 27, 2013
Hi Rand. I think they are all like honey. I can see the drop size best when the first one comes out, and then I imagine it like 'a tube of drops', you can just about estimate it if you need to be exact. Or you could stop-start the drops very carefully.

Maybe someone else will help with your man questions ;)

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