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Methylene Blue And Camphor


Jul 4, 2016
Hello everyone.
Buy methylene blue pills, and contains other components: 20 mg methylene blue, 250 mg purple mallow, 20 mg camphor monobromide,
Anyone have experience with camphor?
follows the guidelines of Peat?
Another issue is the exipientes: contains bright blue aluminum lake, will be toxic?
Thank you very much!!!


Nov 29, 2017
Didn’t want to start another thread about camphor so I thought I’d raise the question here... what’s the best way to utilize camphor? Topically Or orally? Would an essential oil be suitable? Very interested after listening to @haidut discuss it with Dan the Man.


Jan 6, 2015
Didn’t want to start another thread about camphor so I thought I’d raise the question here... what’s the best way to utilize camphor? Topically Or orally? Would an essential oil be suitable? Very interested after listening to @haidut discuss it with Dan the Man.
Can you please share that interview link?


Nov 29, 2017

Near the end of the interview.... when he’s talking about new products before 35 min mark
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Sep 24, 2016

I use Rosemay EO with high camphour ...

I need to check on the Diamant-thread and reread the purported benefits of Adamantane and doses used. Then see if similar doses of Camphor will show some of those benefits.

I use it topically, inhaled but also ingested with wine, liquor or simply on a spoonful of olvive oil. A few drops,


Nov 29, 2017
@LeeLemonoil thanks for the response :)

It’s probably just placebo (or something else..?) but I’ve been adding a couple of drops of camphor oil to the area around my belly button once or twice s day and my hemorrhoids haven’t been bothering me since,... Also my stool are better formed as well. Again I can’t say this is solely attributed to camphor but a win is a win right ?
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