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Methionine In A Modern Context - Needed?


Mar 25, 2020
Hey guys - just so y’all know from the start I won’t be posting studies etc as here with kiddies and little time - just checking for thoughts and opinions - would be especially interested in what @haidut might think

so - methionine - definitely inflammation promoting, aging etc etc etc - not trying to disagree with that as a general point.

however - what about in a more modern context where we are surrounded by toxins and estrogens and the like, often building in the body over years for instance?

I ask because, as far as I understand it, methionine is required for the livers major detox processes - especially of estrogen- which I imagine to be much of the problem some people have with raising temps, water retention, detox, progesterone, thyroid etc - metabolism is increased and estrogen in pushed out of cells etc, but currently the liver is not at a point of health wherein the detoxification of these things are actually possible - thus leaving more toxins and estrogens floating round potentially causing problems.

now though long term as shown in various studies methionine restriction seems to be highly beneficial - but what about in these high toxin load cases? - could there not be an argument there for either supplementing extra methionine, or at least not blocking the hell out of it with glycine, collagen, NCAAW etc, for at least a time so that the detoxification systems can actually work full out to get rid of these things?

and after that, when the estrogens and others are removed, later taking the methionine out - or maybe just using some or ceasing it’s blocking for maybe like a week a month?

just some thoughts and wanting to find the correct context for all these things rather than approaching from a black and white place.

cheers - harry


Apr 29, 2021
Hi Harry,
My thoughts about Methionine are very similar as yours. I'm struggling high toxins load bcs of Lyme disease that get mess up so many function in my body not only thyroid.
So I'm surviving and get progress thru experiments what work and don't work in my case.
One of the huge problems I fight is insomnia. I have tried everything believe or not included all Ray Peat recommendation. However 500mg L-Methionine is the best solution for me the last several months. I tried with and without Methionine. Definitely I have got deep good sleep with Methionine before bed. And wake up fresh and ready for the day. It helps my liver to detox. Also Benfotiamin add to this detoxication process and infrared sauna.
Thank you for sharing ❤️!
Best regards,
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