Fat Loss, PUFA, Estrogen Detox And Increased Metabolism


Mar 25, 2020
So dear all - questions questions questions....theories theories theories....don't we all just love em!!!

Would really appreciate any help and input here from any and all who find the topics around Peat, Fat gain, and metabolism interesting.

A bit of background.

I come from a varied past of self-experimentation in all forms of nutrition functioning under the "nonmetabolic" paradigm of health for the last 15 - 20 years - played with steroids etc when I was younger in my early 20's - now I'm 35.

Always been what most people would consider "too skinny" but gained some muscle in the last 10 years...though not too much - currently sitting at about 75 kilos and tend to fluctuate between 10 - 15% bf most of the time.

I have been fairly low PUFA for the last 10 years generally on a day to day basis though have had the occasional MacDonalds splurges etc (and also plenty of it whilst growing up and also in my uni years) - did A LOT of fasting over the past 10 years and was suffering from it - whilst going through a range of different ways of eating during the fasting times - also went through about 5 years of on/off bulimia which ended about 7 years ago.

Got hard gyno from my steroid mistakes - not so huge but enough to make me not want to go out in public shirtless.

Spent a long time feeling very cold, anxious, with insomnia and tiredness/fatigue etc

Discovered first Matt Stone about two years ago but didn't really put a lot into proper practice - it was all "too mad" lol.

Then really started Peating much more about 8 months ago or so - slowly bringing in more and more - though not easy to hold a constant diet as I have a wife who doesn't really believe in nutrition (god that's soooo hard!) and also two young children - so mad and stressful and full as I am sure you can all imagine.

Started especially with things like aspirin and other metabolism boosters about 4 months or so ago and since then have gained much more water weight and also fat - which is ***t because taking it makes me feel much better.

will admit I stopped almost all weight lifting about 5 months ago due to a shoulder injury

Am taking on a daily basis;

Pansterone - 4 drops
androsterone - 5 - 8 drops
tyromix - 6 drops
kuinone - 6 drops
vitamin a - 20,000 iu
vitamin d - 5000 i.u (though went through a period for two months of taking 20,000)
vitamin e (alpha toc - though waiting to receive some tocovit from haidut) - 800 i.u
plenty of high dose thiamine, riboflavin, b6 and b5 with a bit of extra biotin
mag glycinate - 200mg
calcium I get at least 2 grams a day I would say
also taking manganese, chromium, sometimes a bit of boron and also potassium and a good teaspoon extra of salt on top of salting foods to taste

try to eat liver etc when I can - milk is up and down - recently re-started taking higher protein with 50 grams whey and 50 grams gelatine.
have LOTS of coffee - probably equivalent to 10 espressos a day.
Main fat is coconut oil and fat sits between 10 - 20% of calories for the most part - plenty of carbs though I do tend to use cereal at breakfast time - could do I think with more calories in general but dont always find it easy.

When I started peating average temps were around 36.3 upon waking with a pulse around 65 - now closer to 36.6 on waking and regularly gets up to 37.1 during the day.

I had also been experimenting with @haidut's cortinon plus - trying out the progesterone which was helping me feel better.

Many things are doing better in me - especially sleep since taking sugar and aspirin before bed, plus also anxiety down, some leg hair lost patches growing back, better hair in general, higher sex drive ect

though have definitely been gaining fat around the midsection specifically - and specifically since taking the aspirin - also my gyno started to play up for which I started taking some raloxifene - I know it can potentially increase estrogen in the body but I couldn't cope with the gyno flare up - gyno is now really going away but more estrogenic symptoms in the rest of the body - water weight, fat gain, etc

Considering the amount of anti-estrogen things I am taking my only thought is that both the aspirin and the progesterone are raising my metabolism enough to begin pushing PUFA and estrogen out of the cells - and my assumption is that, though they are both anti-estrogen and anti-aromatase, that doesn't necessarily have any effect on tissue bound released estrogen that is then free-flowing in the blood.

I stopped taking the aspirin except at night a couple of days ago and it feels like some of the bloat is going away and the fat gaining has ceased, but I dont feel quite so good and relaxed....shitty catch 22 situation to say the least - increasing metabolism actually kind of decreases it or frees up too much of the ***t that has been stored.

My assumption is that my liver is probably fairly good...I can drink at least 10 espressos worth of coffee a day and yet still sleep well and not end up with too many stress symptoms and yet am gaining the fat - though for the detox effect I have recently increased my b1 and b2 vitamins and also protein to see if that can help.

My assumption is that maybe a good dose of a decent vitamin e will begin to help but I am just wondering what other people's experiences with these things have been??

I am currently waiting for a delivery of lapodin and tocovit to see if adding in the good vitamin e and also lowering cortisol further will support.

any thoughts, ideas or offerings gratefully accepted.

thank you - Harry
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