1. J

    Vitamin k1, liver or gut?

    ok i've been dealing with hemorrhaging since 2018. I'm a female. I just had a revelation. This all started after my doctor gave me glutathione to detox my liver in 2018. Hemorrhage happened briefly back in 2016 i believe after i tried Low dose naltraxone but doctor concluded it was a polyp...
  2. Inaut

    Poultice For Infection

    So the poultice works by pulling out infection from the skin and absorbing it in the fiber of the plant? Enzymes are also absorbed through the skin so you will have local and even systemic effects (garlic for example). If so it's a double whammy for skin infection and skin (general) health in...
  3. Twohandsondeck

    Manual lymphatic decongestion/Perry Nickelston starter kit, notes, resources

    Came across this Perry Nickelston fellow a few days ago. After employing his advice, I'm well-sold on just how impactful his simple "big 6" practice is for improving the rate of lymph drainage. The benefit of beating the lymphatic kinks out of the body when it's known where they are and how they...
  4. TheCedar1

    I took 2 grams of aspirin a week before and even after the vaccine (it became mandatory in LB), should i be worried about the side effects?

    Basically as the title said, I took 2 grams aspirin a week before the vaccine (Moderna) and continued after as well, all I had was a severe headache day after vaccination, which I took 2 grams again of aspirin and it went away within 15 minutes Should I worry about the vaccine? If yes, what do...
  5. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview December 20 2021 - One Radio Network

    Dr. Peat will write his newsletter quarterly starting next year.
  6. Yonebayashian

    Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria: Nuisance or helpers?

    A growing idea in the nu-nutrition sphere is that parasites and bacteria play an essential role in the selective decomposition of diseased tissue; preferentially leaving healthy tissue alone akin to how predators seek out the diseased members of a herd. Such proponents claim that the harm...
  7. youngsinatra

    The Copper Detoxification Log

    Hello everyone, I already have another thread on the forum („The Abundant Energy Legacy“), but I want to open up a new thread just regarding my copper detoxification experience. I think the topic deserves much more attention and awareness. So to begin with.. A few months ago I developed severe...
  8. Grapelander

    Using Silica Water (Fiji Water) to Remove Aluminum

    I just bought Dennis Crouse book "Prevent Alzheimer's Autism, and Stroke" after watching his video on removing aluminum with silica water. Also just got my first aluminum free coffee-maker BUNN 55200 CSB3T. I have not used BUNN since I worked in office - it really makes a great tasting coffee.
  9. L

    How To Reduce Damage From Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination?

    Suppose the vaccination against Covid-19 became mandatory in different parts of the world. That there’s no way out for some people. In that case, what would be some of the things those people can do to reduce/prevent the damage as much as possible? Strong anti-inflammatories would be good to...
  10. Re.Generate

    Methionine In A Modern Context - Needed?

    Hey guys - just so y’all know from the start I won’t be posting studies etc as here with kiddies and little time - just checking for thoughts and opinions - would be especially interested in what @haidut might think so - methionine - definitely inflammation promoting, aging etc etc etc - not...
  11. Grapelander

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) And Heavy Metal Detoxification By Dr Russell Jaffe

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) and Heavy Metal Detoxification by Dr Russell Jaffe One gram of ascorbate will remove 10 micrograms of toxic metal. Most in US are exposed to 20 micrograms heavy metal per day. Ascorbate is synergistic with Magnesium & Zinc. Selenomethionine is able to complex directly with...
  12. Re.Generate

    Fat Loss, PUFA, Estrogen Detox And Increased Metabolism

    So dear all - questions questions questions....theories theories theories....don't we all just love em!!! Would really appreciate any help and input here from any and all who find the topics around Peat, Fat gain, and metabolism interesting. A bit of background. I come from a varied past of...
  13. J

    Various Toxicities

    Behold this garbage article that talks about how prevalent various toxicities are in the human body. I found particular humor in the notion that green juice fasting will accelerate the removal. However, in all seriousness it does seem that most people do have some form of toxicity existing in...
  14. Amazoniac

    Detoxifying Endotoxin "Animals that cannot sense endotoxin may die if they are infected by Gram-negative bacteria. Animals that sense endotoxin and respond too vigorously may also die, victims of their own inflammatory reactions." "Gram-negative bacterial endotoxin...
  15. J

    Garlic Beats Drug in Detoxifying Lead Safely From Body

    [moderator edit: unsafe link removed] Antioxidant effect of taurine against lead-induced oxidative stress.
  16. Velve921

    Mercury Detox

    Hello, 8 days ago I had 2 mercury fillings, 2 mercury/nickel crowns, and 1 root canal removed. Has anyone gone through a process similar to this? The first week I have had headaches, extremely exhausted, lots of fog, little imbalances when walking, feelings of depression. I am 100% a Peatarian...