Large Pupils Question


Jun 19, 2016
I have had LASIK and due to my larger pupils my night vision is poor due to the pupils being larger than the treatment area. What specifically does anyone think large pupils say about my health? I ask so I can look at lifestyle factors to change. Thanks.


Feb 7, 2017
Do your pupils contract when light is shined in? The functionality of it might be more important than the actual "resting" size.

The easiest way is for someone with a small flashlight and or iphone flashlight is to point it to each eye from the side while you look forward at something.

Have them notice whether they contract.
- Is there any latency in the contraction?
- How long do they stay contracted with the light shining on them?
(Do both eyes and notice any differences in latency of contraction, how long contracted, etc.)

This isn't medical advice, but if they're awry, you can bring this info to a qualified functional neurologist who might be able to dig deeper if necessary.

side note: I've used this in the past to see how my metabolic system is improving. Good contractions and ability to stay contracted with light is a positive sign.
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