Skin discolouration in armpits


Dec 31, 2012
Hi all- in the past fews days to a week, I have developed a slight thickening of the skin under both my arms (armpits) in a the crease area, with a larger area of skin discolouration (darker, like a bruise) which is about the size my hand. It doesn't itch or hurt, but it is freaky. Does anyone know what this could be?

I've googled this and the it does look a bit similar to this:

but the skin is not so hardened/rough (or only in a really small area) and the colour is more like a bruise (but it's not a bruise).

That image is of someone with acanthosis nigricans. Not sure if it is that though. Could be.

Has anyone had anything similar to this? It has me wondering if I have insulin resistance. It might explain why I have an ongoing battle with fatigue.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.


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Dec 31, 2012
Thanks for the link Dan, that's really interesting.

I actually think I found the culprit. I have been using coconut oil and baking soda as deodorant for quite some time. The last time I made a batch, I totally eyeballed it and just guessed how much of each ingredient to use. Well, I do believe now it's from using too much baking soda in the mix. It's healing now I've stopped using it.

So let that be a lesson children - don't use too much baking soda!


Feb 23, 2014
Hi Ttramone, I am an electrologist. I do permanent hair removal. I have seen something like this several times before on all areas of the body. I use a baking soda, coconut oil and arrowroot mix as a deodorant. and have never had or heard of this reaction. However it is quite common for many of my clients to have a reaction like that in any area when they tweeze or wax their skin repeatedly (no pun intended). It goes away as soon as they stop. Do you think that could be it?

Maryellen Little
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