Greetings From A New One From The UK


Aug 18, 2017
Hi all
Been lurking for a few weeks, thought I'd finally say hello. 40 year old male from the UK

My story is a familiar one. Always had a poor diet, but appeared relatively healthy until about 18/19, when I started to pile on the pounds. Gradually gained weight through my 20's and 30's until I reached an all time high of 14 and a half stones (203 pounds). Not a good look at 5ft 6. Tried various diets from about 28 onwards, never got anywhere. Started running 3-4 times a week, still didn't lose much weight.

Evenutally found low-carb about 4 years ago. Tried it, lost 10 pounds in the first week, felt good, loved it. Went on to lose about 30 pounds altogether over a couple of years. Completely ruined my sleep though, slept 4-5 hours a night and was 'wired' all the time. Dismissed it as I was so happy to be finally losing weight. Friends and family congratuled me and told me how good I looked. Started feeling tired, cold, exhausted, brain fog etc. Saw sense and quit the low-carbing with the intention to lose my remaining few pounds with a 'sensible diet'. Despite massive calorie restriction (1200-1800 calories a day), and regularly running further and further distances, as well as adding in weight lifting, to my horror I steadily gained weight again

About a year ago I started to feel very miserable, absolutely no interest in anything, not sleeping, absolutely zero sex drive. Thought I was depressed, but that didn't explain the libido. Eventually diagnosed myself as having low testosterone. Was all set to book an appointment with the docs and go on TRT. Thankfully I didn't..

6 weeks ago, decided I'd try low-carb again to lose the weight I'd been putting on, as it's the only thing that worked in the past. Felt terrible. Cold, zero energy, not sleeping, no interest in my wife. About the lowest I've ever been.

Through googling my symptoms I somehow came across this site. Suddenley everything made sense. Immediately ditched the low carbing and running/exercise and started on the OJ and milk, started eating whatever I fancied whenever I felt hungry. Within THREE DAYS my libido was back, morning wood, couldn't keep my hands of my wife. Within a week I felt 100 times better. 3 weeks later (now), I'm in a brilliant mood (have been for several days running), have motivation, energy, confidence, a cheerful outlook. I can't believe what a turnaround it's been!

Bad points:
Sleep still isn't there. I'm sleeping 6-7 hours a night now which is a vast improvement, but I would love to be able to have a lie in (my problem has always been early waking). I'm hoping I will get there. Morning temperature varies from 96-97. Can't see any corelation between what I eat/do any temperatures. Obviously I'm gaining weight, which I'm not happy about, but value my sleep, sex, and sanity more at the moment.

I'm not fully peat eating yet. (still some PUFA and wheat). Trying my best. Supplements are B vitamins, asprin, pregnenalone (which I love - seems to contribute to my happy feeling), magnesium, and Lysine. Considering gelatine/glycine and tempted by NDT, but it's early days yet so I'll probably wait until I see some improved temperatures. Only exercise I do is about an hours walk most days.

So no questions as such but welcome any comments on the above. I'll probably post some in the other boards

Thanks for listening!


Mar 26, 2014
This is a great site with some fantastically clever people that contribute - sounds like you've taken to Ray's ideas quite well from the outset though which is good news


Mar 30, 2015
Canary Spain
Hi happyCaptain!
I am happy that you are happy!
You will find a good thread about resetting temps, and that's important to have good temps.
Get some gelatine and enjoy bone broth etc! Get the last good fruits of summer, jump into grapes and apple autumn, plus some pears.... Enjoy!

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