Effects Of Morphine Dependence And Withdrawal On Levels Of Neurosteroids In Rat Brain

Jul 6, 2016
Effects of morphine dependence and withdrawal on levels of neurosteroids in rat brain. - PubMed - NCBI

It's a rat study but I think the results are applicable to humans.

"The chronic morphine administration (ip) resulted in a marked decrease in the brain concentrations of pregnenolone (PREG), progesterone (PROG), and pregenenolone sulfate (PREGS) in rats killed 6 h after the last treatment. In contrast, there were no significant effects of morphine dependence on the brain concentrations of allopregnanolone (AP), dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS)."

"Naloxone-induced withdrawal produced a significant increase in the concentrations of PREG, PROG, AP, DHEA, PREGS, and DHEAS as compared with the control group."

I am experimenting with naltrexone right now. I have been using kratom for about two months now and it obviously felt great but irritability and mood swings were becoming an issue. I've been feeling like ******* ***t these past few days as I've severely cut my dose, and as of today have run out completely. Honestly I am scared for these next couple of days. I feel flu-ish and sad. And even after the initial withdrawal period, I might have to deal with not feeling completely right for months. I haven't even used that much, but that's how these things are for me, I am very sensitive.

I know that opioids cause decreased activation of the locus coeruleus and withdrawal causes excitation of this area. Seeing how involved it is in critical thought, it helps explain why opioids are so bad for thinking clearly.

I wonder why opioids/opiates feel so good yet seem like a stress signal. I wonder what Ray's explanation for that is.

For me, opiates when dosed correctly feel amazing, it's like a cure. I'd obviously rather have a full range of emotions and the ability to think properly, but god is it enticing, so easy to get and it makes things so entertaining.


Jul 23, 2015
Spokane, Washington

Energy partitioning away from higher cognitive processing? Seems pretty intuitive. If you're in a dangerous situation, I don't think long-term creative solutions stand as a very high priority.


Sep 30, 2016
Peat doesn't like opiates due to the histamine increase I believe. Plus they lower testosterone as well.


Dec 30, 2017
@BigYellowLemon how was your experience getting off of kratom? (Assuming you did). I was a heavy opiate addict for many years and used kratom to get off of them about 3 months ago now. I read many anecdotal reports about kratom wd being much shorter and mild than traditional opiates, while also being safer and less harsh on ones health. I don't particularly like the feeling I get from kratom but I am thankful I was able to use successfully to get off my doc. I have tapered the kratom down to 5 g/day (broken up into 4 doses) and am wanting to make the jump soon. Any advice on taking this beast would be much appreciated!! I have been using peat style diet for about a month now and have also begun taking pregnenolone (30 mg twice daily). Both seem to be helping. I think.


Dec 30, 2017
"The chronic morphine administration (ip) resulted in a marked decrease in the brain concentrations of pregnenolone (PREG), progesterone (PROG), and pregenenolonesulfate...

This is interesting. After using morphine for long period my progesterone and pregnenolone were almost nil. Cortisol was also extremely low.
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