1. S

    My Experiences With Raising Androgens Log (Pansterone, k2, magnoil)

    So for the past week I have been applying 1 dose (4 drops) of Pansterone (sfa, anhydrol) alongside 2-4 drops of Kuinone (every 2 days) to the scrotum in hopes of raising androgens and thus libido and sexual function. Positives since starting: - Occasional morning wood (although not 100%) -...
  2. Mauritio

    The skin as a steroidogenic organ

    Here's a collection of studies on the skin as a steroidogenic organ mainly to show that hormones like pregnenolone have a different metabolization topically, compared to orally. "The cutaneous steroidogenic system can also have systemic effects, which are emphasized by significant skin...
  3. Mauritio

    What you can do about quarantine induced social isolation and depression : Allopregnanolone!

    This is just a heads up to everyone strugglin with depression by itself and especially depression caused by social isolation and a hopeless situation, that many people find them selves in . Social isolation does have an effect on the human body and especially brain ! There's a few studies...
  4. thingsvarious

    Adrenal fatigue: Best methods to increase cortisol naturally

    Hey, I am a final year medical student. For years I had incredibly fatigue and other low-cortisol issues. After doing a LOT of research, I collected a list of methods we can try to raise our cortisol naturally and therefore to help get rid of HPA-dysfunction. I share this here because I am sure...
  5. deliciousfruit

    Pregnenolone makes me suicidal

    I ordered stresnon from idealabs because I constantly feel stressed. After I take a drop, I feel helpless, hopeless, cry uncontrollably and feel suicidal. This is the same thing that happened when I tried levothyoxine, and then NDT. I am going to try tyromix and hope I don't get the same...
  6. pauljacob

    Pregnenolone Gave Me Vertigo

    After just a week of taking 5mg of Pregnenolone for the first time I had a severe onslaught of positional vertigo, the type that makes my surroundings spin like a wheel. I did have vertigo couple of years ago and I applied Dr. Carol Foster's positional vertigo maneuver and it stopped. So I...
  7. deliciousfruit

    Is pregnenolone safe for adolescents?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find an answer. Pregnenolone is the only thing that allows me to be semi-functional, without it I am just a constant crying mess. I take 50mg a day, divided into two 25mg doses. Is this safe, and will it not lead to long-term damage in a 19...
  8. haidut

    Oral pregnenolone as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in humans

    As many of my readers know, the first step in steroid synthesis is the so-called "side-chain cleavage", which converts cholesterol into pregnenolone (P5). That step is known as the rate-limiting step in the steroid cascade, and its function depends on the redox status and ATP levels. In other...
  9. Jwicks1995

    Anti-Psychotic Endocrine Disturbance Counters? + Some Back Story

    TLDR; Olanzapine (Zyprexa) is meant to majorly disturb the endocrine system, increase prolactin, lower testosterone etc. Is there a way to mitigate this? HCG? Pregnenolone? Not using the medication is not a possibility for this stage - at least until I stabilize. The dosage will be low - 2.5mg...
  10. B

    Can Riboflavin Increase Cholesterol? Experiences With Riboflavin Please?

    I have always had very low cholesterol, and the necessity of taking thyroid meds has lowered it further. Various ways have been reported to increase cholesterol. The typically suggested methods to increase cholesterol include consuming extra cholesterol and consuming extra sugar. I found only...
  11. pauljacob

    Can I Break Open A Niacinamide, Pregnenolone Capsule?

    Can I break open a Niacinamide 500mg capsule and use about 100mg in water? Same question for Pregnenolone 10mg and use 5mg in water? The reason I'm asking this "Duh" question is because I did it a couple of times already and felt bitterness and a sting when I poured the powders on my tongue and...
  12. M

    Help! My Facial Features Changed From Taking Progestorone, Pregnenlone And Dhea

    This whole this is effecting my mental health. I dont recognise the person in the mirror any more and havent for a long time. I dont look as manly and have lost my big jaw masculine look... The progesterone/pregnenolone/dhea has change my facial features so much its causing me major...
  13. K

    I Took 100mg Pregnenolone ED For Years - Please Help Me

    Before you start judging, don't bother, I know that I am and have been a complete idiot. I've always been somewhat of a perfectionist and somewhere around 2016 started believing in a drug could make me just slightly better without any side effects. Oh boy was I wrong. I started off with 50mg...
  14. Infinite

    DHEA Profound Effects

    I've been having what I believe to be are hormonal imbalances, puffy face, puffy nipples, low energy, great fatigue after lifting. Stopped antidepressants (Zoloft, Prozac & Cymbalta) 2.5 years ago after 8 years of being on them. During my time on them, I also dabbled in anabolics and gained a...
  15. F

    Can You Build Tolerance With Daily Usage Of 5-10mg Of Progesterone Cream?

    as above
  16. E

    If Anyone Is Interested I'll Be Sharing COA Of Douglas Labs Pregnenolone

    COA attached
  17. haidut

    Topical DHEA Has Potent Anti-aging Effects On Human Skin

    I often get emails in regards to possible interventions with anti-aging effects on skin. The study I usually quote is an old one (circa 1967) that did extensive tests on 200+ people with age range of 57-88 years residing in a retirement home, and demonstrated that topical testosterone (1%) cream...
  18. haidut

    Pregnenolone (P5) May Be Ergogenic And Helps Recovery From Exercise

    Take this study with a grain of salt simply because the only link to it is from a scientific conference, which means the study is not yet published in peer-reviewed journals. Yet, the results it reports are quite interesting. Namely, a single 100mg pregnenolone (P5) dose accelerated recovery...
  19. ScurveDream

    DHEA Or Pregnenolone To Combat Possible Caffeine-induced Stress?

    My bad if this has been spoken of here specifically since a quick glance of some terms did not give an immediate impression that it was. Basically, can something like DHEA and/or pregnenolone lessen/dampen the possible stress response from caffeine use? I read a lot here and on Ray's...
  20. C

    Progesterone + DHEA Dosages In Young Person

    So I'm taking thyroid and pregnenolone now and I'm definitely feeling way better. Been wondering if dhea+progesterone could help speed up ones healing though in small dosages. I'm 21, anyone else thought about supplementing these in early 20's? I was thinking maybe 5mg dhea orally and about...