1. BigYellowLemon

    Effects Of Morphine Dependence And Withdrawal On Levels Of Neurosteroids In Rat Brain

    Effects of morphine dependence and withdrawal on levels of neurosteroids in rat brain. - PubMed - NCBI It's a rat study but I think the results are applicable to humans. "The chronic morphine administration (ip) resulted in a marked decrease in the brain concentrations of pregnenolone (PREG)...
  2. haidut

    Blocking Endotoxin (TLR4) Can Prevent Pre-term Birth

    The number of so-called preemies has been steadily rising over the last 2 decades. The official explanation is that the cause is unknown, but the only officially approved treatment is progesterone. This study sheds a bit more light and claims that endotoxin is behind the majority of cases of...
  3. John Frusciante

    Naloxone Source

    Hello. Ray Peat has talked about this in many articles and interviews, and it is very useful to reduce serotonin and estrogen's effects that are potentiated by endorphins. I had really great results with naltrexone, almost life-changing ones, but the product I was using contained a lot of...
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