Best Place To Administer Energin?


Mar 18, 2017
So I bought energin and estroban. And I see that they are to be applied transdermally. I was taking estroban before but orally...I hear people say that energin stains your skin. What would be away around that, and where is the best spot to administer these for optimal absorption?


Jul 8, 2019
Wrists are good. Top of your feet is good. Inside of your elbow. Back of your knee. On the neck behind the ears, like perfume.

To be honest, though, I now just put Energin drops under my tongue.


Dec 15, 2019
Wrists are good. Top of your feet is good. Inside of your elbow. Back of your knee. On the neck behind the ears, like perfume.

To be honest, though, I now just put Energin drops under my tongue.

Nemo, do you find that sublingual route stains your teeth?
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