1. J

    Lowering prolactin is tough

    Is it meant to be this uncomfortable to lower prolactin? I’m taking a fairly high dose of Vitex 2000mg to lower my high prolactin and raise progesterone. Trying to stop some female bleeding. Its been causing agitation, buzzing/static in head and ears, light sensitivity, vision disturbances and...
  2. fever257

    Abnormal labs, high stress, pituitary MRI?

    Hey everyone. So as some of you may know, I’m working to correct my PFS issues. I currently have issues with sleep, digestion, mood, mental functioning, feeling “stuck” in life, etc. So I used an internist to help me get some lab work. Pretty much everything came back abnormal /...
  3. J

    Optimal Prolactin range for females?

    I’ve come across posts here where prolactin numbers closer to 0 are better. Except I’m female and I doubt 0-7 would be ideal. So what is the perfect range for prolactin in females? Do we only have low prolactin post menopause. My most recent blood test results: Prolactin 24.8...
  4. J

    Vitex Prolactin I’m trying to understand how Vitex is able to lower prolactin, yet raise estradiol according to this pdf. Is this why Vitex is dose dependent? It states it’s beneficial effects dropped off by 5th cycle. Does this mean Vitex loses effect if...
  5. J


    I still can’t decide if Theanine raises dopamine or serotonin. I wanted to use it to lower prolactin and was so sure it was dopaminergic and then I would suddenly come across an article that says it raises serotonin. Any experience with it lowering prolactin through dopamine action? If it...
  6. J

    Strange reaction to Theanine

    I found I reacted strangely to Theanine. Both positive and negative. I originally wanted to use it to try and help lower my prolactin via raising dopamine and perhaps rid some background anxiety. I started off at 100mg and didn’t experience much, so I upped it to 200mg. At that dose, I found...
  7. J

    Ideal Vitamin B?

    Can anyone let me know if this is a good active vitamin B complex? I know it’s been said that B5 can be agitating. But I can’t seem to find one without. I know B’s are better taken from liver but I am trying to avoid copper at the moment and also trying to heal my leaky gut, lack of stomach...
  8. Mauritio

    How prolactin causes hair loss

    The hair seems to be a target AND source of prolactin, this is what the researchers found in this study. They also showed that increasing prolactin in the hair follicle basically kills the hair follicle by removing it from the blood supply (a.k.a catagen phase). In my opinion prolactin is a...
  9. T

    High TSH, Low T4, High Prolactin, High Progesterone + High Lipids - What to do?

    Here's the results: And then, here's some context on my situation that'll help (a thread I posted back in November on a previous set of results) Since then...
  10. tastyfood

    Really frustated with hormonal lab test results done early in the morning in a fasted state!

    Could someone help me find the best way to test prolactin in blood? For consistency, I have been testing it at 8am, in a fasted state. I've been doing this for years. The value will not budge below 14 ng/mL no matter what I do. The one time I went to test non-fasted, the result was even worse...
  11. Xemnoraq

    Petition For Idealabs Hair Loss Product

    Ok guys, im gonna keep it nice and short, i doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows, If anyone can crack the code to hair loss i feel like it's Georgi, All other hairloss treatment methods basically only half work with severe side effects that end up basically castrating you, So i...
  12. Hans

    How hypothyroidism affects testosterone, LH, DHT, etc. - hypothyroid steroid panel
  13. Hans

    Optimize your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio with thyroid
  14. Hans

    The easiest way to optimize DHT (thyroid optimization)
  15. T

    Very High Cholesterol + High Prolactin + High Progesterone - What to do?

  16. tastyfood

    What's the short term (next week or two) impact of covid on stress blood markers?

    I am dealing with what seems like covid (at least according to the test). I have mild flu symptoms, and resting at home. I was scheduled to test for some stress hormones that I'm monitoring after making some changes to my daily protocol. I am thinking about postponing the test, worried that the...
  17. tastyfood

    My prolactin won't go down. Is my heavy metal burden causing this high prolactin?

    34 year old male. I tested prolactin, and other pituitary hormones , and it was high yet again: 18.7. It was 14.4 6 months ago, and it doesn't go lower than that. I have tried everything under the sun. Before this last round of tests I was using a few thing that target prolactin: vitamin E...
  18. A

    How does prolactin suppress gonadotropin?

    I’ve read that prolactin secretion suppress gonadotropin. Is this true for the biological actions of prolactin as a hormone? Or is it only an indirect consequence, based on the cases where high prolactin are caused by a prolactinoma that suppress the release of gonadotropin in hypothalamus?
  19. tastyfood

    Which daily habits that you consider estrogenic go unnoticed?

    I am trying to keep my estrogen lower by paying more attention to things that I do on a daily basis that could have an estrogenic effect. Two examples I can share: - Using toilet paper for cleaning the buttocks as well as blowing the nose. - Washing the skin with soap excessively. These...
  20. tastyfood

    Is there any possibility that high prolactin in blood mean low estrogen in tissues?

    There are arguments that explain that certain estrogenic high values in blood would mean low levels in tissues: Estradiol and estrone are two that come to mind. Is there any possibility that a high result for prolactin in blood means low estrogen in tissues, or is high prolactin ALWAYS related...
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