cascara sagrada

  1. peatpilled

    Cascara Sagrada Down Regulates Androgen Receptors

    Emodin, the active component of Cascara Sagrada downregulates androgen receptors. "Emodin treatment resulted in repressing androgen-dependent transactivation of AR by inhibiting AR nuclear translocation." Source: Emodin down-regulates androgen receptor and inhibits prostate cancer cell growth...
  2. deliciousfruit

    WTF is going on in my gut? - failed Cascara Sagrada experiment

    I've been struggling with incomplete bowel movements for a while so I decided to try some Cascara Sagrada. The first morning after taking it the night before, I woke up extremely dehydrated - severe headache, dry mouth, fatigue, etc. I had to drink about 5-6 litres of water to feel better, which...
  3. md_a

    Ray Peat Interview Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Your Health Questions Answered – February 21, 2022
  4. deliciousfruit

    side effects from cascara

    I took cascara for the first time last night, 1/4 a tsp before bed. After about an hour, I started getting euphoric tingling bodily sensations, but still didn't manage to sleep for many hours. Later on in the night I started getting pain in my bladder, liver, and chest area, very loud ringing...
  5. E

    Cascara Sagrada/Emodin Beneficial For COVID-19

    However compounds like emodin that inhibit SARS entry, apparently by binding ACE2, might also have functions at several different human protein binding sites. The enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 is again argued to be a convenient model pharmacophore perhaps representing an...
  6. L

    What Company Sells The Best Cascara Sagrada On The Market?

    Where do you buy yours?
  7. DrJ

    Long-term Use Of Cascara Sagrada

    Has anyone been using cascara sagrada daily for the long-term and can chime in on how that is working out? I've been taking 425mg/day for 2 weeks and it seems to be working out great. Just wondering if it's something I can continue, or something I should back off on (and why). Thanks!
  8. Tarmander

    Does Cascara Suppress The Immune System?

    I have been messing around with cascara for the last couple weeks. It has been great for inflammation, getting rid of restless legs, obviously helping transit time, blood sugar stabilization, and even giving me feelings of calm. However, I have been sick basically since I started it. I...
  9. chris

    Does cascara ever go off?

    Bought some cascara years ago, maybe 2 or 3 and wanting to start experimenting again with it. The tub says retest date 22/02/2015 on it. Does cascara have an expiry date or will it still be safe to use? Thanks.
  10. I

    Cascara From Italy?

    Does anyone know how I can get my hands on some cascara from Italy? If so, please message me.
  11. A

    Cascara Tea - 5 minutes boil

    I have used Cascara tea for a longish time, but only recently started to boil it for 5 minutes (which I read about somewhere), and it makes it much better for me. Faster acting, and it doesnt' taste like if you just make the tea and drink it. I think it's a winner. I also think I need to use...
  12. haidut

    A Possible Alternative To Cascara

    Ray mentioned briefly in one of his articles about Koch's work with some of the lesser known anti-cancer substances. ... buse.shtml "...By the time coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone, was officially discovered, Koch had moved to Brazil to continue his work with...
  13. tomisonbottom

    Cascara with other supplements

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any input on taking cascara with other supplements and if you will lose the absorption of the other supplement if you take both at once? I have to take cascara every day, so sometimes it's hard to space it out from taking other things but I don't want...
  14. Stunning4keke

    Farmalabor Cascara Powder And/or A Good One?

    does anyone know where i can purchase the Farmalabor cascara powder that Ray Peat recommends? he also recommended cascara in glycerin from Naturlich Kost Co-op in Millersburg, Ohio. everytime i google either of them it just send me to this forum and i asked where i can purchase either of them...
  15. Blossom

    cascara no more

    It seems a dramatic change has happened and I'm not sure what to think about it. When I first started this approach cascara was an absolute must. In the last couple of weeks if I take it at all the result is liquid stool. I thought I would see if anyone has experienced going from needing cascara...
  16. juanitacarlos

    Cascara Sagrada Brew

    Was on ebay looking for cascara sagrada and came across this awesome bottle of cascara. You can see the recipe on the label. Pretty cool.
  17. I

    Cascara Sagrada [dosage, How To Use Powder]

    I bought the powder Cascara to give it a shot. How would one go about taking it? Just eat the powder? Mix it with food? drinks?
  18. Stunning4keke

    cascara sagrada

    so once again i am still kinda new to all of this and just reading my way around. i always thought cascara sagrada caused a "dependency" that the colon shouldn't have it. and now i am hearing that it is an herb that can also pull out endotoxin's? is that correct? if so, how do you take it in...
  19. B

    [Stopped working] Anyone notice this with Cascarra Sagrada?

    I notice that it's effect wears off. The first time I took only one, it was noticeable then that effect diminished, then 2, then 3. Now the thing is the size of the bm is the same if I don't take it and use a carrot or sometimes with no carrot it's the same size so I thought this was...
  20. charlie

    Cascara Sagrada [Good Sources?]

    Edit: Here is the best source of Cascara Sagrada that Ray Peat recommends! Anyone got a good source for cascara sagrada? I know we are supposed to be looking for aged. About to order some and just want to make sure I make a quality buy. Not sure I want it in pill form, thinking powder might...