Vitamin E: Tocotrienols are better than tocopherols



According to Ray Peat articles, Vitamin E in the form of tocopherols is betten than tocotrienols.

This article cites some studies to support the opposite view.


Jan 1, 2013
Gabriel said:
A couple of days ago, I started a discussion about this topic over at peatarian, maybe it's worth a read for you: ... r-thoughts

I can cite many randomized clinical trials claiming lowered cholesterol prevents heart disease. .
It's a lie.

If you have a real interest in Vit E, you need to do your homework and read the work of the original researchers on Vit E; the Shute brothers.


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burtlancast said:
If you have a real interest in Vit E, you need to do your homework and read the work of the original researchers on Vit E; the Shute brothers.

I hope they're available online.


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Jan 1, 2013
But they cost just a few bucks on abebooks


May 7, 2013
Thanks for the remark burtlancast. There are several books which one do you recommend?

I have to disagree with your statement about medical research. Yes, there is a lot of bias introduced when interpreting (i.e. discussion of papers, meta-analyses) and distributing the data (i.e. news articles; what is published and reported and what not). But the data in its raw form stays the data. Actual fabrication of results is a very rare thing. Hence, I think it would be unwise to ignore medical research results as a whole. Careful and critical review can lead to valuable conclusions. This is exactly what RP is doing.
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