Thyroid Cancer Overdiagnosis, EMF And Mobile Phone Use. Possible Relations Betwen Them. (link)


Oct 5, 2014
It's not a study, just some UCLA professor Hypothesis on his personal blog. Blog article here.

I'm quoting some parts of the article.

Rather, I would like to focus on the question why has thyroid cancer become so prevalent in at least ten nations? According to the American Cancer Society, although some thyroid cancers are linked to exposure to ionizing radiation, "the exact cause of most thyroid cancers is not yet known."

Could exposure to the electromagnetic radiation (RF and ELF) emitted by cell phones and cordless phones be contributing to this worldwide thyroid cancer epidemic? Isn't time for our government to fund research on the risk factors underlying this epidemic?
In response to questions posed to me on this topic today from several individuals, I did a PubMed search. Although I did not find any epidemiologic studies that examined the association between mobile phone use and thyroid cancer in humans, I found almost a dozen published papers that have studied the effects of cell phone radiation on thyroid function. Apparently, case-control research on this topic is warranted.

The abstracts from 11 published papers that examined the effects of exposure to cell phone radiation on thyroid function appear below. Please let me know if you are aware of important studies that I missed, and I will supplement this list. I did not include studies that examined exposure to power frequency radiation.

International Agency for Research on Cancer. Overdiagnosis is a major driver of the thyroid cancer epidemic: Up to 50-90% of thyroid cancers in women in high-income countries estimated to be overdiagnoses. Press Release No. 246. August 18, 2016.

So the author tries to draw a link between Thyroid Cancer increasing rates and mobile phone use... But it turns out most of them are overdiagnosed. So what's the point ? Anyway he cites some papers with interesting info.

Personally, I don't need anyone to tell me that mobile phones and in general EMF radiation is BAD. Very bad.

But in this case, the cell phones are irradiating JUST a few inches above our precious thyroid gland. Maybe contributing to the epidemic of anti thyroid pollutants that we are insulted with every day.

Maybe wrapping the cellphone in gbolduevnite-plastic can mitigate some of the effects, @Amazoniac ? Anyway, a reminder to keep the smartphone-of-the-death as far away as possible.

By the way... as I write this on my laptop that is literally on top of my lap, I'm wondering how damaging could it be not for sperm production but for hormonal production in the testes ? If rubbing steroids in one's balls can increase production of certain androgens, having an EMF source close to one's balls can maybe decrease production of them ?
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Kari Rastas

May 18, 2018
I have done quite a bit of personal research on the effects on humans and all biological life over the past 5 years. And there is conclusive evidence that the pulsed microwave energy that is emitted by wifi, bluetooth, and the mobile phone networks as well as digital radio and television broadcasts change the DNA in our bodies. I would assume it could also be a cause of thyroid cancer or other thyroid problems. The big problem with this issue of the pulsed microwave radiation is that the frequencies that the networks all operate at. These devices are known to operate in the frequency bands that oscillate the water molecules in our blood with 3 and 4 G and 5G oscillates the oxygen molecules in our blood in such a manner as to deplete oxygen supply to our brains and bodies. I am an electrical engineer and have operated and designed personal radio equipment for myself for about 30 years. To understand the complexities of this subject I had to learn physics and biology as well as radio medicine. And a myriad of other things. This is a very real danger to us all and the people are not at all informed at all about the possible health issues both physiological and mental health issues that are also associated with this type of radiation. Some studies maintain that 20 hours of exposure to this radiation can be as detrimental as hundreds of chest Exrays. Personally I believe a lot more research should have been done and still needs to be done on this matter. The only people that are doing this now are a few hundred doctors that have noticed that since the introduction of this wireless technologies cancer rates have risen very alarmingly, as well as psychological problems ranging over nearly every disorder. So no I would not be at all surprised if it does have very serious effects on the thyroid glands.

Kari Rastas

May 18, 2018
And that report is like the findings of over 8,000 proper research papers that have been written about this subject and it's wide effects of illnesses it will cause over a long period of exposure to this type of radiation. Some statements from people such as Dr Barrie Trower a microwave specialist and physicist say that if we continue to radiate microwaves at the population for another 3 generations or around 60 years, that 1 out of 8 children will be born normal. So it is a very real danger and it is all being rolled out very fast in the USA. I have also written to the government here in Australia and voiced my concerns to many MP's and the Prime minister and Opposition leader as well as many other organizations over the last few weeks and have yet to receive a reply from anyone except my stock broker. Funny that isn't it. I try to spread public awareness about this issue but mostly get strange reactions like they think I am not the full quid. I would highly recommend to continue your research and to voice your own concerns to the Government and Public. For I will not allow this matter to be put aside.

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