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Pasteurized squeezed orange juice mineral/vitamin content?

Mar 10, 2021
It seems the vitamin C is degraded and this in unpasteurized orange juice. Otherwise it looks still highly nutritous. I figured as much RP wouldn't have used it for so many years. Ray did have this to say about though...

"Until 2006 I was using mostly frozen pulp-free concentrate, then they introduced the enzyme process (for disposing of waste fiber, making it stay suspended in the juice), affecting even the "pulp-free" type. So now I use only sweet oranges that I squeeze myself. US people don't realize how ridiculously degraded their standard of living has become. Nutrition is political economical. The governments tell people to eat beans and bread for a reason. I use coca cola as a fill-in when I can't get oranges." -Ray Peat
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