Orange juice vs. Orange water


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Nov 27, 2013

im trying to find an info on what Ray Peat thinks how freshly squeezed orange juice should be prepared.

We have 2 options:
- Orange water: using a classic orange press, where an orange is cut in half and pressed hard against a rotating metal thingy
- Orange juice: using a fruit juicer, where an orange is peeled, cut into pieces and throw into a juicer

It seems that most of the "experts" prefer juice over water, because supposedly many orange nutrients are stored in the inner part of the peel (white coat).

Tell me please, what do you guys think ?


Jan 22, 2013
ever since in was a kid, before I cared anything about health, I never liked the pulp. I don't know why. People recommend fiber to prevent constipation but supplemental fiber is not actually its probably not a big deal either way. The nutrition content is probably the same, but the less pulp, the less chance of getting gas from it. In the case of oranges...most of the fiber is cellulose so it wont be fermented too much anyways...though the peel has a lot of sorbitol, so at least don't let any peel residue get in the drink lest you want a bout of gas. The inner, soft cellulose pulp probably will pass with no irritation. Over time though, especially with other fruits containing fruit alcohols or pectin, can promote excess gut bacteria and chronic gas, intestinal irritation...Peat basically says if the fruit gives you gas its a sign to not eat it, because it probably isn't digesting well...and recommends not including any pulp to be safe


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Nov 27, 2013
Thanks for the reply.

I forgot to mention, using a juicer you dont get much pulp/fiber. The pulp is discharged into a separate container. Some of it gets through but i would use an additional fine strainer to get the juice only.

Here is a video showing the difference between both methods of squeezing an orange:

Im asking this because im deciding which appliance to buy. I would prefer the citrus presser, but the guy in the video recommends a juicer because of the much better nutritional value (flavonoids ...).
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