Passing a Serological test without having had COVID or the Vaccine


Jan 18, 2016
Hi. It looks like I will need to pass a serological test to travel this summer upon entering Israel. I have neither had COVID nor do I intend to get the vaccine... Any ideas re: how I might be able to pass a serological test, or at least make a compelling case as to why such serological test isn't showing the result they will want to see once I arrive in Israel and get tested? Where are the flaws in the serological test that I might be able to exploit, and claim flaws with the test should I have to. Thank you.


Nov 9, 2020
A good question to ask while you wait for more specialized answers re test: What if you rock up expecting a conversation (why test isn't showing expected results / flaws with test & all that jazz), and instead, are just forcibly jabbed or held in detention limbo until accepting v@x 'of your own free will?' so you can leave? The situation there currently is quite dire according to reports from Isr. citizens writing for Greenmedinfo...
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