Mortality From Coronavirus Disease 2019 Increases With Unsaturated Fat and May Be Reduced by Early Calcium and Albumin Supplementation


Aug 10, 2018

Mortality From Coronavirus Disease 2019 Increases With Unsaturated Fat and May Be Reduced by Early Calcium and Albumin Supplementation

What You Need to Know​

Background and context​

While most COVID-19 patients clear the infection, some develop severe disease with organ failure. Based on patterns associated with severe COVID-19, underlying mechanisms, we propose a simple, low risk supportive intervention.

New Findings​

Unsaturated fat intake is associated with increased mortality from COVID-19. Unsaturated fatty acids cause injury, organ failure resembling COVID-19. Early albumin and calcium can bind unsaturated fatty acids, reduce injury.


We do not have a clinical trial to support that “keeping a normal serum calcium and albumin all through COVID-19” improved mortality. Such a trial may be helpful in the future.


Both calcium and albumin are inexpensive, and easily available. If supplemented early during COVID-19 hospitalization, these may reduce organ failure and ICU requirements despite a lack of proven anti-viral therapies.
Jan 4, 2017
Wow. I never knew Calcium did that. Since Calcium and Albumin bind unsaturated fatty acids, I wonder if milk or cheese would be the perfect food for that since they contain calcium and protein (for the albumin?).

Does anyone know how the Calcium binds to the unsaturated fatty acids? Does it bind it then get the calcium/unsaturated fatty acid complex glucuronidated?

Fascinating stuff
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