1. Mito

    A third of COVID survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders: study

    “One in three COVID-19 survivors in a study of more than 230,000 mostly American patients were diagnosed with a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months, suggesting the pandemic could lead to a wave of mental and neurological problems, scientists said on Tuesday. Researchers who...
  2. Drareg

    Lockdowns are the opiate of champagne socialists

    The new left, the wokists have been loving lockdowns, the traditional left would never support lockdowns like we have gone through, top down authoritarianis, the antifascist brigade deludedly believe lockdowns can bring down capitalism, this highlights how stupid they are, if anything it has...
  3. Drareg

    Michel Foucault was a Paedophile

    The messiah Michel Foucault of the woke brigade that is infecting our lives more so than covid19 is a paedophile, they use the word pederast, why I don’t know, the word was created by the ruling class to imply a difference between a paedophile and one who "only" has sex with teens, we know this...
  4. Mito

    Addressing Geert Vanden Bossche’s Claims

    The short version: “Geert Vanden Bossche has recently published a letter in which he argues that the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 is going to precipitate a public health disaster because the vaccines will select for viral variants that can escape their protection and drive them...
  5. Drareg

    Belgium must lift ‘all Covid-19 measures’ within 30 days, Brussels court rules

    This is a positive development, I believe something similar has happened in Finland. It’s possible the government may continue the lockdowns and pay the 5,000 euro fine per day, it’s clear most nations have lost respect for the taxpayer...
  6. mayku-T-meelo

    Initial report of decreased SARS-CoV-2 viral load after inoculation with the BNT162b2 vaccine So the study found that the viral load after taking the Pfizer vaccine is apparently substantially reduced, that claim or similar ones will be definitely be pushed and used to show the efficacy and purpose for vaccinating people. What they say...
  7. Mito

    Most people in the USA are choosing to get the COVID vaccine?

    Close to one third of all Americans have already received a COVID vaccine despite it not being widely available until this past week. Looks like the polls from last year suggesting vaccine hesitancy will not materialize...
  8. Mito

    15 MILLION doses of J&J’s one dose Covid vaccine halted after ingredient mix-up

    Some 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's one-shot coronavirus vaccine have been ruined after employees at a Baltimore manufacturing plant accidentally swapped two ingredients, the New York Times reported Wednesday. The gaff occurred two weeks ago and will delay tens of millions doses...
  9. B

    SARS-CoV-2 found in many countries before the first officially confirmed covid-19 case

    Below is a collection of reports about studies that confirmed the presence of the "new" coronavirus in sewage or blood samples collected before the official start of the coronavirus outbreak in these countries, either with PCR or antibody tests. If anyone knows of other such studies that I...
  10. haidut

    CDC - Iatrogenic deaths "disappeared" in 2020, COVID-19 took their place

    As many forum users know, for decades up until 2020 CDC annual reports listed medical error (iatrogenic) deaths as the third-leading cause of death in the US. The only change in that annual "ranking" of deaths was in the last 5 years cancer sometimes overtaking heart disease as a leading cause...
  11. ecstatichamster

    Vaccines cause more dangerous strains to evolve and shed (from vaccinated hosts)

    This emerges from Dr. Peat, Danny and Georgy, when Dr. Peat was asked a question and quoted a researcher and paper about chickens showing more pathogenic strains evolve and are shed from vaccinated hosts. Here is the author summary with some additions of mine: There is a theoretical...
  12. Pina

    NHS UK making doctors take covid vaccination

    We are told that covid vaccinations are not mandatory in the UK, yet, doctors working for the NHS are being made to take it. Care-workers are being told not to come to work until they have had the injections. I have spoke to individuals who have confirmed that they have been told to get vaccine...
  13. Drareg

    New Zealand hospitals in crisis, biggest January/February on record

    No mention that it’s COVID, I would like to know what PCR test they are using and how many tests are being carried out, if it’s because of covid it totally debunks the cult strategy of zero covid and lockdowns in general, the ruling class globally have a lot to lose here particularly if we see a...
  14. Drareg

    Civil Unrest predicted to increase all over the World

    It’s obvious of course but this article has a good take on it all. Its best folks prepare for it, stress levels will increase, knowing why can help you avoid situations where your sucked into extremist arguments or protests, at its core it’s the battle for bioenergetic resources, folks worldwide...
  15. Drareg

    COVID death data audit UK

    This group are going to investigate every covid death in the UK. This could blow up.
  16. Drareg

    Progesterone could reduce the severity of their COVID-19

    The headline will put everyone off progesterone in the age of transgender mania, folks will think the ruling class are further trying to feminize males. I’m sure this works in women also, it will turn out that more men are dying "with" covid overall also, this won’t make headlines because we are...
  17. Drareg

    AstraZeneca released outdated information on its latest COVID-19 vaccine trial

    It’s that wonderful big pharma company full of selfless humanitarians in the news again, now on top of their stroke inducing vaccine they are now using outdated information from the trial. No lives could be lost from covid said the hysterics, lives lost from vaccine side effects is ok though...
  18. Drareg

    Operation Gladio

    For those of you struggling to get through to friends/family about how toxic the ruling class are, a good place to start is operation gladio, this may help if they are part of the covid cult. This was a well documented psychotic NATO exercise to terrorize the public to stop communism taking...
  19. haidut

    Cortisol may drive COVID-19 mortality

    The reason I decided to do a post on this study is that over the last several months, various public health authority bodies around the world have adopted "treatment protocols" for COVID-19 hospitalized patients, and virtually all such protocols contain a potent synthetic glucocorticoid such as...
  20. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!