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Jan 4, 2012
Hat tip to Peatarian for posting this in another thread. Incredible information about diabetes from Ray Peat.

Ray Peat said:
“But in the organism, the hyperglycemia is compensating for a sensed deficiency of glucose, a need for more energy.
If diabetes means that cells can't absorb or metabolize glucose, then any cellular function that requires glucose will be impaired, despite the presence of glucose in the blood. It is the intracellular absence of glucose which is problematic, rather than its extracellular excess."

Ray Peat said:
“During the healing of a wound in a diabetic individual, the local concentration of glucose decreases and then entirely disappears, as healing stops. Applying glucose and insulin topically to the wound, it heals quickly. The very old practice of treating deep wounds with honey or granulated sugar has been studied in controlled situations, including the treatment of diabetic ulcers, infected
deep wounds following heart surgery, and wounds of lepers. The treatment eradicates bacterial infections better than some antiseptics, and accelerates healing without scarring, or with minimal scarring. The sugar regulates the communication between cells, and optimizes the synthesis of collagen and extracellular matrix."

Ray Peat said:
"The supplements that most often help to correct diabetes-like conditions are niacinamide, thiamine, thyroid, and progesterone or pregnenolone. Vitamins D and K are clearly protective against developing diabetes, and their effects on many regulatory processes suggest that they would also help to correct existing hyperglycemia. Drinking coffee seems to be very protective against developing diabetes. Its niacin and magnesium are clearly important, but it is also a rich source of antioxidants, and it helps to maintain
normal thyroid and progesterone production. Chocolate is probably protective too, and it is a good source of magnesium and antioxidants."

Ray Peat said:
"Aspirin has a very broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory actions, and is increasingly being recommended for preventing complications of diabetes. One of the consequences of inflammation is hyperglycemia, and aspirin helps to correct that (Yuan, et aI., 2001), while protecting proteins against oxidative damage (Jafarnejad, et ai, 2001). If Dr Budd's thinking (and results) had been more widely accepted when his publications appeared, thinking about "diabetes" might have led to earlier investigation of the syndromes of stress and tissue wasting, with insulin being identified as just one of many regulatory substances, and a large amount of useless and harmful activity treating hyperglycemia as the enemy, rather than part of an adaptive reaction, might have been avoided."


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Jan 4, 2012
All the quotes above are really awesome. But for some reason the first one really blew my mind.
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