Destruction Of Phosphatase In Milk?


Jan 9, 2019
It seems the destruction of this enzyme is used as a gauge of proper pasteurization.

is pasteurized by heating at 62.8°C for 30 minutes or 71.7°C for 15 seconds. These temperatures kill all nonsporeforming pathogens and inactivate the native alkaline phosphatase(ALP) enzyme found in milk." - BAM Chapter 27: Screening Method for Phosphatase in Cheese

As mentioned here it seems to be an important enzyme, including the action of inactivating LPS:

"This dephosphorylation inactivates structures such as lipopolysaccharides, free nucleotides and specific proteins of bacteria such as flagellin. Intestinal alkaline phosphatase also helps defend the body by reducing certain inflammatory disorders." -
Intestinal alkaline phosphatase - a powerfully protective enzyme - Enzymes - Nutranews

Could this be a reason why some people do better on raw milk? And would this possibly have a negative effect on the body and its burden of phosphate from milk since:

"Phosphatase is an enzyme that removes a phosphate group from its substrate by hydrolysing phosphoric acid monoesters into a phosphate ion and a molecule with a free hydroxyl group."


Aug 6, 2017
Thanks for presenting this detail. I'm sure it is one among many reasons why raw milk is superfood but processed milk is merely an ok food/drink if the fat is reduced.


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Jan 9, 2019
Thanks for presenting this detail. I'm sure it is one among many reasons why raw milk is superfood but processed milk is merely an ok food/drink if the fat is reduced.

Np. I feel like I drank coffee on raw milk (energy, warmth) where only a few brands of pasteurized milk agree with me (have no digestive discomfort, gas etc..) and I try to get the best milk I can in both cases, pasture raised etc...
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