Aspirin Before Exercise Associated With Side Effects


May 7, 2013
Consumption of analgesics before a marathon and the incidence of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal problems: a cohort study.

This incidence increased significantly with increasing analgesic dose. Nine respondents reported
temporary hospital admittance: three for temporary kidney failure (post-ibuprofen ingestion), four with bleeds (postaspirin ingestion) and two cardiac infarctions (postaspirin ingestion). None of the control reported hospital admittance.


Overall, the ‘drug-related’ incidence (defined as the percentage of respondents reporting AEs
out of the total number of respondents taking a particular analgesic) was highest with aspirin, followed by ibuprofen, and lowest with diclofenac in both subgroups (high and low doses of analgesics, table 1). At high doses, 10% of diclofenac users, 52% of ibuprofen users and 87% of aspirin users experienced AEs (table 1). Aspirin was associated with relatively numerous GI or kidney bleeds, compared with the other analgesics (reported by 49% of the ‘high-dose’ aspirin users).


if I read the conclusion correctly.

Gastrointestinal permeability following aspirin intake and prolonged running

We sought to evaluate the effects of exercise and aspirin on gastroduodenal and intestinal permeability. Seven volunteers (age = 29 +/- 3 yr, VO2max = 56.8 +/- 4.1 rested or performed treadmill exercise (60 min at approximately 68% VO2max), with or without aspirin ingestion. Placebo (glucose) or aspirin (1.3 g) was taken the night before and prior to rest or exercise (total 2.6 g). A permeability test solution (approximately 1300, containing 10 g lactulose (L), 5 g mannitol (M), and 10 g sucrose (S), was ingested prior to rest or exercise. Urinary excretion rates (6.h-1), expressed as a percentage of ingested dose, were used to quantify intestinal (L/M ratio) or gastroduodenal (S) permeability. Ingestion of aspirin before running increased (P < 0.05) intestinal permeability compared to placebo+running and placebo+rest, but not compared to aspirin+rest; mean (+/-SE) values for the L/M ratio were 0.248 +/- 0.046, 0.029 +/- 0.012, 0.012 +/- 0.004, and 0.104 +/- 0.057, respectively. Gastroduodenal permeability following aspirin+running (3.25 +/- 1.21%) was also elevated (P < 0.05) compared to placebo+running (0.43 +/- 0.15%) and placebo+rest (0.24 +/- 0.11%), but not compared to aspirin+rest (0.66 +/- 0.27%). Neither running nor aspirin ingestion was associated with gastrointestinal (GI) complaints. Thus, GI permeability while running can be markedly elevated by aspirin ingestion.



Oct 15, 2016
This really sucks big time, do people have any experience or knowledge with the effects of aspirin in low (under 100-200 mg) doses? I started doing the thyroid mimetics but if it means more endotoxin and injuries everytime I go for a few sprints or a team sport match it won't work. I remember suchsaturation posted information on how low doses of aspirin could thin the blood even more. Actually even without running the aspirin increases permeability, but maybe there wasn't enough energy provided in the first place and this is why supplementing aspiring before a marathonis even more nonsense (push carb metabolism and increase metabolism when the effort is drastically overwhelming for the body).


Oct 11, 2016
Well how often are therapeutics the opposites of adaptogens? If adaptogens are better than therapeutics in the short run, then I wonder how many long term studies can show efficacy...


Feb 28, 2018
im taking aspirin before weight lifting what i noticed i have more strength , but im faster exhausted or can only do less reps. I think its due blocking fat oxidation. After 45 min my glycogen storage are used then im weak and tired on aspirin have no power anymore and extremely hunger. With out aspirin i ve less strength but i dont exhaust at all could train 2 hours and still do cardio.


Oct 15, 2016
im taking aspirin before weight lifting what i noticed i have more strength , but im faster exhausted or can only do less reps. I think its due blocking fat oxidation. After 45 min my glycogen storage are used then im weak and tired on aspirin have no power anymore and extremely hunger. With out aspirin i ve less strength but i dont exhaust at all could train 2 hours and still do cardio.
That makes sense, did you try to have carbs during the workout?
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