1. haidut

    Exercise causes (and worsens) arterial calcification

    A great new study sent to me by one of my readers. It will more than likely cause a lot of controversy, despite its findings having a very simple explanation. Namely, chronic exercise increases baseline cortisol and over time, cortisol (acting through the aldosterone/mineralocorticoid receptor)...
  2. Hans

    Exercise and fat loss; can exercise make you gain fat?

    Is it a good idea to exercise for fat loss? Yes and no... Check it out and I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience with this topic. https://men-elite.com/2021/08/02/exercise-and-fat-loss-can-exercise-make-you-gain-fat/
  3. haidut

    Intense exercise causes mitochondrial damage even in elite athletes

    Hopefully, this post won't be interpreted as trying to bash exercise. Its goal is to simply draw attention to the fact that intense exercise can be detrimental even for elite athletes. While the damage the study observed was temporary, it is now known that (just like ionizing radiation) the...
  4. haidut

    Fasting ineffective for shrinking belly fat, may actually increase it

    Hopefully, this study will give some serious food for thought to people who use (intermittent) fasting (IF) with the goal of losing excess weight. A recent post of mine discussed that IF is ineffective for fat loss and actually leads to loss of lean mass. The lead author of that study, himself...
  5. username

    After I work out with moderate intensity I sleep very poorly and get very anhedonic, depressed, and anxious. What is my body telling me?

    I will probably post some questions about this again in the future as I am extremely tired, anhedonic, depressed, and feel like I am always on the cusp of a panic attack (though I never actually have one), so I don't know if I can't really flesh this out. I am a male of 29 years. 5'10". 185lb...
  6. S

    Post Workout Lactic Acid

    I’ve started working out and I love it, getting decent muscle growth. However, I get pretty bad lactic acid build up. I experience air hunger and insomnia. I am on thyroid and feel like I am pretty peaty in supporting my metabolism. I take B-vitamins, acetic acid which I feel like should help...
  7. E

    Past Left Arm Elbow Area Minifracture Induced Difference In Pressure During Exercising

    In the past I fell from bicycle sort of on the side with my left arm resulting in minifracture so it got put in a gypsum, afterwards it had limited range of motion so I went to a physiotherapist who got it back to 70% of the original however at that time didn't have money for further visits so...
  8. S

    Starting Anti Glycolytic Kettlebell Training

    Using Pavel's The Quick and the Dead. Not too sure what to put in log here, so here goes: Age 53 Sex M Weight 248 Height 5'11" Waking temp: 98.2 - 98.8 Health and stats steadily improving over last 8 months of Peating. This type of trainingg is supposed to increase ATP and mitochondrial...
  9. Hans

    How To Boost Dopamine Receptors

    Hi all, Not only can dopamine levels be an issue, but also dopamine sensitivity. Often times there can be a dopamine hypo-sensitivity, so I've written an article on how to increase dopamine receptors. Dopamine receptors: 14 Best supplements and practices and to increase it » MenElite Let me...
  10. haidut

    PUFA Makes Girls Fat / Lazy / Diabetic And Exercise Futile

    Just a few minutes ago I made a post about PUFA (from nuts) increasing risk of diabetes. I just came across another very similar study below. It found that PUFA consumption, in both mice and humans, makes them fat and highly sedentary while also increasing their diabetes risk. MUFA and SFA had...
  11. haidut

    Despite Striking Increase In Dieting And Exercise, Obesity Is Skyrocketing

    Maybe it takes a study like the one below to finally wake the public health authorities from their century-long slumber. I doubt there is a person alive today living in the Western world who has not been raised by the mantra "eat less and move more" as the single proven way to lose weight...
  12. haidut

    CNN News - Running Lowers Testosterone In Males

    When news like this features on CNN, it is becoming obvious that something it not right with the official recommendations for regular (endurance) exercise as the best way to ward off CVD, cancer, brain diseases, osteoporosis, etc. The CNN piece also states that vitamin D supplements, weight...
  13. P

    The Effect Of Training Volume And Intensity On Improvements In Muscular Strength And Size In Resista

    on every parameter high intensity( heavier weight lower reps with longer rest between sets) is superior to high volume exercise , body fat , lean mass, power. also hormones ; cortisol ,T , igf .... everything is better! The effect of training volume and intensity on improvements in muscular...
  14. haidut

    High Levels Of (endurance) Physical Activity Increase Risk Of CVD

    The study compared levels of physical activity (most often "endurance" exercise) and found that those in the highest titre have much higher risk of CVD compared to moderate or light activity. In light of the recent threads that starting and then stopping "endurance" exercise can make a person...
  15. haidut

    Exercise + Fasting Is Stress, Causes Obesity And IR, And Requires Cortisol Blockade To Reverse

    I think this thread will ring true for all people who at some in their lives exercised in order to lose weight. Just like fasting, it works great in younger age (<30) but it really masks a bigger metabolic problem and of course badly backfired in the long run. Exercise is a forced/stressed...
  16. B

    High-intensity Interval Training Rapidly Improves (normalize) Diabetics' Glucose Metabolism

    At 2 weeks HIIT 3X/Week I'd add 1 hour or more brisk walking/day on 'off' days
  17. D

    Effects Of Exercise On The Fatty-acid Composition Of Blood And Tissue Lipids

    Effects of exercise on the fatty-acid composition of blood and tissue lipids. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract This article reviews the effects of acute and chronic exercise on the fatty-acid composition of animal and human tissues (plasma, skeletal muscle, heart, adipose tissue, liver, artery and...
  18. M

    Can I Work Out If My Body Is Wonky?

    I probably have scoliosis. I usually carry something with my right hand because my right arm is stiff when I walk, like it's in a different axis. When I walk I have to put the pressure on my heels, not my toes, to feel grounded. I have craniofacial issues too. Can I still hit the gym? Could...
  19. Koveras

    The Effects Of Different Aerobic Exercise Intensities On Serum Serotonin Concentrations

    There is an fair amount of research regarding the influence of serotonin on fatigue during exercise which was interestingly not mentioned at all in the study below. See: Cerebral perturbations provoked by prolonged exercise. - PubMed - NCBI Serotonin, Fatigue, Training, and Performance –...
  20. L

    How Caffeine Increases Exercise Performance

    How Caffeine Increases Exercise Performance How Caffeine Improves Exercise Performance