Anyone Tried Drostanolone / Masteron ?


Jul 13, 2014
Haidut mentioned in dannys podcast on friday (October 16th 2020) that if theres one synthetic DHT he would use it would be Drostanolone / Masteron. Has anyone actually tried it? would be cool to hear any experiences.

Ive pasted the youtube transcript below but be aware the transcript has several errors but you'll get the general jist :

" for the dht uh that would be my choice if you have to use the synthetic ones i think drostanolone also known as masteron is actually a slightly changed dihydrotestosterone just has one extra methyl group and is is approved by the fda's treatment for breast cancer i noticed recently that whoever maintains the wikipedia page for for masterone uh surreptitiously removed the sentence saying that masterone is highly effective for breast cancer and has been approved by the fda now they're just saying oh it entered medical usage in that's it but anyway so so that would be the closest to to dht that you can get if you cannot get dht and many many medical practitioners actually have it in stock because it's used to be used for breast cancer and it's still used sometimes so masteron and pregnenolone won't be another one um and uh you know you can try also with progesterone if you basically uh because most of the steroids the anabolic reduced steroids they raise dhea levels because they block cortisol and block estrogen but basically like so if you're going to supplement with a precursor usually pregnenolone or progesterone would be what i would try um i would not use the unsaturated steroids that are capable of aromatizing very easily such as an androlone and any of the neanderlon derivatives the you know if i would use any of the so-called 19 nor testosterone derivatives of which neanderlon is the is the the the starting point the only one i would consider is trenbolone which is also known as one of the one of the most potent anabolic steroids out there"


Apr 5, 2019
yes, i did, 2x times, from ug lab, alongside other steroids though, like testosterone, and anavar.

what would you like to know?


Sep 30, 2020
I think anything that stimulates the androgen receptor does the job. It just depends what other kind of side effects you can tolerate like aromatizability. I see georgi says he would consider tren because it doesn’t aromatize but tren has some other side effects.

I would just use bioidentical DHT for health purposes. Masteron probably is reasonably safe but the bioidentical hormones are probably ideal.


May 16, 2018
Never used Masteron.
Have used Proviron and bio identical DHT, they both give me low e2 symptoms, I don't like them.

Nothing matches the endogenous DHT you get from transcrotal testosterone application.
Jul 6, 2016
Yes. It was alright. Saw typical strong androgenic effects.

I used it specifically as a DHT analog. I wanted real DHT but that was the closest thing available. And out of all the synthetics it was the only thing I was willing to touch.
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