leaky gut

  1. J

    Ideal Vitamin B?

    Can anyone let me know if this is a good active vitamin B complex? I know it’s been said that B5 can be agitating. But I can’t seem to find one without. I know B’s are better taken from liver but I am trying to avoid copper at the moment and also trying to heal my leaky gut, lack of stomach...
  2. haidut

    A ubiquitous dishwasher rinse agent may cause many serious diseases

    Another article demonstrating that a ubiquitous chemical, widely used in both industrial and household settings, has very toxic effects on the GI tract of humans and can directly cause a number of GI and neurological diseases, as well as cancer. While the study only looked at the so-called...
  3. P

    Doxycycline , intestinal health, hypertension

    Changes in Gut Microbiota Induced by Doxycycline Influence in Vascular Function and Development of Hypertension in DOCA-Salt Rats DOX decreased lactate-producing bacterial population and plasma lactate levels, improved gut barrier integrity, normalized endotoxemia, plasma noradrenaline levels...
  4. haidut

    Niacinamide fully reverses endotoxemia and leaky gut (from ethanol)

    The study below is a true gem due to both its broadness of impact, as well as the ease and low-cost of the therapeutic intervention it studied. Chronic endotoxemia, a cause and a result of increased gut permeability (aka "leaky gut") is now known to be a major cause of virtually all chronic...
  5. RenaissanceMan

    Oral spore-based probiotic supplementation was associated with 42% reduction of post-meal dietary endotoxin

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28868181/ AIM To determine if 30-d of oral spore-based probiotic supplementation could reduce dietary endotoxemia. METHODS Apparently healthy men and women (n = 75) were screened for post-prandial dietary endotoxemia. Subjects whose serum endotoxin concentration...
  6. Hans

    How to protect yourself against exercise-induced endotoxin absorption

    Endotoxin can significantly negatively affect your health, from chronic low-grade inflammation, joint degeneration, organ inflammation and dysfunction, brain degeneration, insulin resistance, etc. Most people know that gut dysbiosis can increase endotoxin production and absorption into the body...
  7. beeohbeebeewhy

    Borderline Hypothyroid, Histamine Intolerance? Leaky Gut? Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO?? Need Help

    Background/Intro: Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to most of Peat's ideas, I was Keto/Paleo with elements of Primal (raw eggs/raw dairy) until I stopped being able to tolerate raw milk/yogurt, the only dairy I have now is raw butter, I've been having some health issues recently on top of the...
  8. Hans

    Cocoa powder for gut health

    I've posted a few studies before that cocoa powder can help to reduce gut inflammation and positively modulate the gut bacteria. Here is another one: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32331673/ "We found that cocoa supplementation up-regulated the levels of the tight junction protein Zonula...
  9. Hans

    The Most Important Organ For Longevity

    Where is the hub in the body where all things are most likely to go wrong? The most important organ for longevity » MENELITE
  10. M

    How To Treat Leaky Blood-brain-barrier If One Is Sensitive To Caffeine Pill?

    So I believe that I have been suffering from leaky BBB. I saw some of the suggested solutions being chronic high caffeine level in the body. I have previously had serotonin toxicity issues and have had heart issues due to other chemicals (tretinoin) etc. I am sensitive to caffeine pill, ex. I...
  11. Hans

    Gut-Thyroid Connection: How To Fix Your Thyroid Through Your Gut

    Hi all, Thyroid is so widely prescribed and used and often times, hypothyroidism or hypothyroid symptoms are caused by gut issues and inflammation. So if you resolve that, thyroid should start working normally again and this takes away the need to take thyroid. I've written an article on this...
  12. Hans

    The One Gut Bacterium You Have To Boost (and Here’s How)

    There is so much controversy over gut bacteria and if we should lower it or boost it or try to modulate it. Well, we have a gut microbiota whether we like it not, so we have to make the best of it. Lowering gut bacteria with antibiotics can be very helpful, but is rarely a long term solution...
  13. haidut

    Stress (cortisol) Can Cause ANY Autoimmune Condition By Disrupting Gut Barrier

    A great new study that is not afraid to point out the paradox between mainstream medicine's claims of beneficial effects of cortisol and the reality of "autoimmune" conditions more often than not being associated with elevated levels of CRH, ACTH and cortisol. The role of CRH as a causative...
  14. charlie

    Niacin - Intestinal Permeability And Oxidative Stress In Patients With Alcoholic Pellagra

    CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that niacin and vitamin E deficiency in patients with pellagra could be important factors in increased intestinal permeability and decreased antioxidant conditions, recovering to normal values after treatment with niacin, associated to alcohol abstinence and a...
  15. Y

    Is Taking L-Glutamine For Leaky Gut Peat Friendly?

    I have some gut issues, im starting to think i got leaky gut and would like to try large amounts of L-Glutamine. I am going to be doing some tests with the doctor, but thats for SIBO. Leaky gut is hard to diagnose. So, just wondering if there is info on whether glutamine is bad? I know...
  16. hoppimike

    Peat-friendly Gut Healers?

    I know gelatine and colostrum are both highly regarded, but what else is recommended or permissable on a Peat diet for healing leaky gut? I have been taking calendula and slippery elm recently for leaky gut / gut damage but am also aware that vitamin E and castor oil are good healers...