How To Treat Leaky Blood-brain-barrier If One Is Sensitive To Caffeine Pill?

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  1. m1210

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    Nov 22, 2018
    So I believe that I have been suffering from leaky BBB. I saw some of the suggested solutions being chronic high caffeine level in the body. I have previously had serotonin toxicity issues and have had heart issues due to other chemicals (tretinoin) etc. I am sensitive to caffeine pill, ex. I noticed an increase in heart rate when I take a tiny dosage (same with aspirin). I am worried about increasing the amount as it is linked to heart conditions. My BBB issues persists to this day where I experience some severe brain issues (including schizophrenic symptoms like hearing "whispers" and other ways brain acting weird). It started when I was prescribed some anti-depressant/anxiety drugs by psychiatrists when I was 19. I believe taking those has damaged something in my brain that persist to this day.

    As you know I have previously had serotonin toxicity and have to avoid many brain supplements that raise serotonin like ginseng, turmeric, fish oil, etc. So my options are very limited.

    I would love to know if someone has suggestions on how to go about treating leaky BBB that doesn't involve increased serotonin or affect heart issues (I am generally sensitive to chemicals so would need a 'natural' alternative)..

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    Feb 28, 2020
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    Sep 11, 2020
    Avoid EMF radiation. Might be worth trying pure gum turpentine. Also fasting
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    Jun 8, 2020
    Barriers (really most things) in the body have to do with the water structure in your cells. That structure requires ATP and CO2. So a focus on the bioenergetic view is helpful. Other things can help like those commonly discussed on this forum. I would start with plugging your food into cronometer and making sure you’re getting enough micronutrients. Many find they need additional B vitamins, Vit K2, etc.