1. haidut

    The fraud unravels - statins cause, not prevent heart disease (CVD)

    While the news that the statin fraud is finally being exposed is certainly good, it is sad that it took so many decades to admit to something so biochemically obvious. Namely, since statins interfere with the synthesis of mevalonic acid, as a consequence they also inhibit the synthesis of the...
  2. C

    Heart Disease "Found In 100% Of Kids By Age 10." We All Have Heart Disease? (Video)

    Youtuber Dr. Gregor is a vegan activist and targets high cholesterol as the major factor in vascular disease. His 10 year old video has no breaking news but includes studies worth being aware of imo. Heart Disease Starts In Childhood View:
  3. Apple

    Cause of death of Dr Ellsworth Wareham ?

    What was cause of death of Dr Ellsworth Wareham (104 yo) ? He was vegan and cardiac surgeon, He stated that vegans' arteries were always cleaner and smoother. He retired at the age of 95. "If your cholesterol is under 150, your chances of getting a heart attack are very low", he said his own...
  4. haidut

    Keto diet linked to higher risk of heart disease (CVD) and stroke

    The controversy over low-carb diets is steadily increasing. While such diets are still all the rage on popular podcasts and blogs, many academic researchers and practicing clinicians have started to distance themselves from the diet and no longer recommend it to their patients due to the...
  5. Mauritio

    Increasing NAD lowers body weight, cholesterol and blood pressure

    In this study they gave middle aged people "2 MIB-626 tablets each containing 500 mg of microcrystalline β-nicotinamide mononucleotide or placebo twice daily for 28 days." Most notably the participants lost about 1.9kg of body weight in just 28 days. Now was all over that fat ? Hard to say...
  6. T

    Very High Cholesterol + High Prolactin + High Progesterone - What to do?

  7. cs3000

    Low cholesterol is dangerous (cancer, suicide) + artichoke extract

    Ray peat posted before about this: Cholesterol, longevity, intelligence, and health. "In the last 20 years, there have been many studies showing that lowering cholesterol increases mortality, especially from cancer and suicide, and that people with naturally low cholesterol are more likely to...
  8. miquelangeles

    Baked carrot salad more effective than raw?

  9. M

    Hypocholesterolemia, low body temps, and hair loss - 33yo - input and log for 2022

    Hello all. Looking to start off 2022 on the right foot and try to systematically tackle some health issues while including a log. I have been on these boards for some time now, and I think there is a lot of useful info and helpful people here. I struggle with making sense of certain things, and...
  10. Lee Simeon

    How can I reduce LDL cholesterol?

    Mine are elevated
  11. Hans

    Do this first for gut health before anything else!
  12. Soren

    32 years old high cholesterol High TSH advice

    My cousin who has been overweight for a while but recently has lost a good amount of weight cycling went to the doctor to have a few tests came back with the following; Total Cholesterol 245 Triglycerides 160 HDL 34 LDL 181 TSH: 6.89 uIU/mL T4...
  13. forterpride

    Is this drug healthier than statins?
  14. Igorevich

    Strange hormonal profile

    Hi. I recently posted my story here, but I want to be more precise in asking for advice. I'm 27 years old male. My main problems right now are the following: 1) Most of the time I'm fatigued, having malaise, uneasiness, pure concentration, low-grade akathisia, brain fog. but every little...
  15. Mauritio

    The skin as a steroidogenic organ

    Here's a collection of studies on the skin as a steroidogenic organ mainly to show that hormones like pregnenolone have a different metabolization topically, compared to orally. "The cutaneous steroidogenic system can also have systemic effects, which are emphasized by significant skin...
  16. youngsinatra

    Chest Pains After Egg Consumption?

    Hey guys, I'm observing an interesting sensation: every time I eat whole eggs, I get this kind of chest pain that lasts for a few hours, sometimes even until the next morning. I don't feel that comfortable with this and also makes me a bit concerned about my heart health. Back when I was...
  17. B

    Can Riboflavin Increase Cholesterol? Experiences With Riboflavin Please?

    I have always had very low cholesterol, and the necessity of taking thyroid meds has lowered it further. Various ways have been reported to increase cholesterol. The typically suggested methods to increase cholesterol include consuming extra cholesterol and consuming extra sugar. I found only...
  18. noqcks

    Books Recommendations On Cholesterol

    I'm looking for book recommendations to "redpill" me on Cholesterol Thank you.
  19. Mito

    Low Serum Cholesterol Level Among Patients With COVID-19 Infection

    Abstract Background: A recent cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China, was caused by a novel coronavirus COVID-19. Meanwhile, as the infection progressed, a large number of cases were also diagnosed in Wenzhou, China. The objective of the study is to describe the clinical laboratory features...
  20. haidut

    Cholesterol And SFA Are Anabolic; PUFA/MUFA Akin To Chemical Castration

    A pair of interesting study and a commentary in the highly respected Journals of Gerontology. Namely, higher cholesterol intake is associated with much higher lean muscle mass accrual as a result of weight lifting. Interestingly, higher protein intake was not. Even more interestingly, and much...
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