Can Riboflavin Increase Cholesterol? Experiences With Riboflavin Please?


Oct 6, 2013
I have always had very low cholesterol, and the necessity of taking thyroid meds has lowered it further. Various ways have been reported to increase cholesterol. The typically suggested methods to increase cholesterol include consuming extra cholesterol and consuming extra sugar.

I found only a small increase from eating additional sugar. I found taking pregnenolone helps spare cholesterol and increase it just a bit as well. Pregnenolone may improve health and is a good idea anyway since it should allow for sufficient synthesis of steroid hormones despite very low cholesterol. Eating cholesterol rich foods does not seem to sway cholesterol for me. It seems the problem lies in the gut or liver where the cholesterol is produced. It may be a faulty step in synthesis, so I have been trying to understand cholesterol synthesis.

Work on the gut is a common theme here. Most of us have digestion problems. I have consistent heartburn and have tried a number of remedies, pepsin, hcl, herbs, carrot salad, etc. Famotadine is the answer for me, but long term use is questionable and may itself reduce vitamin absorption. It seems high serotonin is involved. I have suspected a root cause or deficiency, but so far not discovered the answer if there is one.

Recently re-reading some of Ray's articles and interested in riboflavin. It seems riboflavin is a bit like thyroid. It is involved in the oxygenation of all tissues and drives metabolism. I read somewhere that activation of riboflavin requires thyroid. Classic symptoms of riboflavin deficiency include skin rashes, rosacea, and mouth sores. Most recently, a post by member GAF indicated that there may be a link between riboflavin deficiency and EDS like symptoms. Some of GAF's comments are a few years old, but perhaps he is still here and can comment if he still uses riboflavin. Haidut has posted several articles about riboflavin and IBS and ALS. Very interesting stuff. A search if riboflavin influenced cholesterol synthesis resulted in several related articles. Most were petri dish observations on liver cells, but one verified the findings in living rats.

Can anyone who supplements riboflavin in any dose comment? What were your experiences with riboflavin? Did it help with rosacea, IBS, nerve or ALS type symptoms? Anyone else besides GAF notice connective tissue/collagen synthesis improvements, for example joint tightening, hernia, gum tissue, or other changes? Anyone think back about their cholesterol in relation to B2 supplementation?

I am trialing riboflavin in hopes of some increase in cholesterol. It seems some people tolerate very high dosages once per day and saturate their tissues, and others need small frequent doses. Apparently some sources of riboflavin are unsafe? One comment was to get a supplement made from sugar beets instead of corn. Any links to safer riboflavin? Toxinless indicates a recommended supplement in capsule form, but it is 300 mg. I may be able to divide this or get a powder. Peat's dire warnings about riboflavin are contrasted with his findings that some riboflavin deficits can only be overcome by larger doses. All comments welcome and appreciated.

Here is the link to the article indicating riboflavin deficiency decreases serum cholesterol in rats.

Riboflavin deficiency affects lipid metabolism partly by reducing apolipoprotein B100 synthesis in rats - ScienceDirect


Dec 28, 2014
Dallas Texas
I still use Riboflavin at least a couple times a week. Usually 400mg. Last year or so I have been trying Swanson R5P 100 mg. Seems to work about the same. Maybe pee and poo is a little less yellow. Riboflavin is harmless as far as my body can tell and it has been a tremendous find for me. Now that I have upped my Salt intake also, daily pain is way way way down to levels I have never experienced. My body feels 1000's of times more connected than it used too. I haven't had a cholesterol test in many years because I don't care what it is. Mine has never been low. Low cholesterol may mean that your lipase enzyme is too effective but I have no info on that theory. These are the B2's I use.


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Oct 6, 2013
Thanks GAF. I ordered the Swanson R5P product and am going to try 50mg/day for a time. Currently using 100mg Swanson B2, but it's the regular kind. I often have heartburn and thought my enzymes are deficient. It never occurred to me they could be over efficient. Did you ever learn more about B2 and collagen health? I have always had loose joints and would love to see that improve. There are some conflicting ideas about B2. For example Dr. Peat warns of eye and skin damage, but they are healing the eyes with B2 and UV as well.
Apr 24, 2017
Don’t be afraid to try high doses - it’s pretty safe. What I noticed the effect of a large dose is almost the opposite of a small - in small doses it makes me spaced out, but a larger dose( >200mg) makes me energized. Experiment. Also beware of the cofactors - selenium, molybdenum, iodine and perhaps ther other b-s (b1 the most) - so if supplementing b2 in high doses make sure you get plenty of those.
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