1. haidut

    Higher levels of cholesterol in cells block viral infection

    Another example of the countless beneficial functions the "bad" cholesterol has in the human body. USC scientists discover process that blocks viruses "...We showed how this occurs,” Jung said. “When a virus tries to enter, the immune system gets stimulated by interferon, which produces almost...
  2. LucyL

    The Cholesterol Myths By Ravnskov ** FREE **

    Ravnskov has his entire book "The Cholesterol Myths" available for free on his website. The Cholesterol Myths
  3. S

    High Cholesterol Associated With Breast Cancer

    Association found between high cholesterol and breast cancer
  4. W

    Intake of unsaturated fatty acids and HDL cholesterol levels

    Intake of unsaturated fatty acids and HDL cholesterol levels are associated with  manifestations of atopy in adults. Schäfer T, Ruhdorfer S, Weigl L, Wessner D, Heinrich J, Döring A, Wichmann HE, Ring J. Department of Social Medicine, University Lübeck, Germany. BACKGROUND: The increase in...
  5. haidut

    Low Cholesterol Ups Cancer Risk - Role Of Pregnenolone

    Ray has written about how "anything that lowers cholesterol will increase the risk of cancer". I did some digging on that and it seems that he is right on the money on this one. Here is a study confirming his view: ... 113713.htm "...Low LDL cholesterol in...
  6. J

    Progesterone Lowers Cholesterol

    For all you progesterone addicts, make sure it doesn't lower your cholesterol too much, as progesterone reduces cholesterol, if these studies are right. Boots for Achilles: progesterone's reduction of cholesterol is a second-order adaptation. --- Progesterone Inhibits Cholesterol...
  7. charlie

    The Effect Of Raw Carrot On Serum Lipids And Colon Function