What questions should I ask my dr. in my lab test review consultation?

Jun 19, 2020
EDIT: Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section, and i can't delete it. Reposted this in the correct section here: What questions should I ask my dr. in my lab test review consultation?

(please excuse any misuse of terms or lack of education, this is my first testing + analysis ever).

I just got 2 lab tests done (blood and saliva), to check for any deficiencies that I might have. I have issues with low stamina (physical, not sexual), and mild "adrenal fatigue" type symptoms. So I finally decided to get things checked out to see once and for all what I should REALLY be supplementing with, and what my real deficiencies are, if anything, rather than just guessing.

So I went to a local naturopath who deals with female/hormonal/low energy issues (I'm a female) and she suggested 2 tests: A saliva hormone test, and then a blood test. The results for both are in, and our second consultation will be her explaining / deciphering the results to me.

Here's my question to the members experienced with lab tests: What questions should I be asking HER about, to make sure I understand about my results?

For example, I don't see iron anywhere in any of the results, so I plan to ask her about my iron count (since it's so often mentioned in relation so women with low energy). I also don't see pregnenolone listed anywhere (just estradiol and progesterone ) so I plan to ask her about that. But I basically don't know what i don't know...or what I need to know.

What are the top need-to-know things that one should walk away understanding after a review of lab results? Should I also be trying to get any prescriptions through her, now that I have a chance? (I don't have a regular doctor, so this will be my last chance for awhile to be written any prescriptions). She isn't cheap per hour, so I want to get my full money's worth.

Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.
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