Remedies For Children And Babies


Jan 27, 2013
Hi I'm interested in collecting lots of different remedies for babies and children.

Please share:

1. Peat remedies that would be safe for children and babies
2. Remedies that worked for your children - Peat or non-Peat
3. Recipes and other ideas

These remedies could be for any kind of illness. I thought if enough people were interested we could get a collection of ideas that people could refer to when their child is ill.

I will start:

Homemade Nappy Rash Cream (tried and tested)

Coconut Oil 100ml
Beeswax 0.5 tblsp
Zinc Oxide 2.5 tblsp
Vitamin E - optional
Lavender Oil 10 drops (not optional - this makes it work!)

Method -
melt CO and beeswax on a low heat (beeswax has a lower smoke point that CO)
add lavender oil
add ZO and whisk well
add Vit E
whisk again before decanting

And a question - aspirin for babies? Good idea or not?


Mar 29, 2014
Cradle cap:
Wash with baking soda. Make a paste if it's stubborn. At the time I didn't do this, but now I would follow up with dilute vinegar conditioner.


Mar 29, 2014
If I were doing it again, I'd pay attention to nose breathing during sleep. One of mine was a snorer, and now has asthma. I wish I had made a point of closing his mouth after feeding and whenever I saw it open (except for eating, drinking, talking, singing, etc), and maybe applied mild constraint or postural support of some kind to discourage snoring during sleep.


Mar 29, 2014
I had not come across Peat when mine were babies and toddlers.
Of the foods I remember my babies liking that are also Peatish:

Early mushy solids:
stewed apples or most other fruit, mashed or stewed
mashed bananas (with reservations about quality)
boiled and blended beef or mutton.
smoothies - milk + fruit
small amounts of well boiled greens - eg silverbeet

When they could start to chew:
pieces of fruit
carrot sticks
a good-sized mutton bone with no sharp bits and a good amount of meat and gristle to chew on - eg out of a roast
Roast veges: potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, courgettes
fried mushrooms

When they started getting a say, my older boy would often choose oat and raisin porridge with powdered milk, sometimes with brown sugar. The younger one would sometimes say he wanted porridge too, but what he usually meant was he wanted a heap of milk powder with fresh milk poured around it. Porridge without the porridge. :)
They'd both go for hunks of butter from time to time, which I used to discourage when they were babies, but now I leave them to it to some extent.
Icecream with chocolate sauce made with sweetened condensed milk.
Dried fruit for travel snacks.


Thread starter
Jan 27, 2013
Brilliant - these are fantastic tara thanks!
I've started doing the closed mouth thing. I wonder about doing a little bit of CO2 breathing by making a little tent with a blanket - for any respiratory symtoms esp, but maybe for gut issues too?


Mar 29, 2014
Beebop said:
Brilliant - these are fantastic tara thanks!
I've started doing the closed mouth thing. I wonder about doing a little bit of CO2 breathing by making a little tent with a blanket - for any respiratory symtoms esp, but maybe for gut issues too?

Rakhimov at had a page talking about different traditions that included customary ways that he described as protecting babies from overbreathing. IIRC, a Russion custom was to put a light cloth over a pram with a hole in it for some but not too much fresh air. He reckoned that European swaddling had a similar purpose.
Aug 14, 2015
Anyone have a remedy for a 31/2 year old who is vomiting
On and off for the last 5 hours. Normal temperature,

Say's he has pain in his belly button.
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