Pls Advise Has Any 1 Purchased From Thaimeds In Thailand & Had It Sent To Australia?


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Jan 13, 2016
Hi There,

New here, and fingers crossed ... I am in the right part of the Forum to ask this kind of question??

Pls advise has any 1 purchased from Thaimeds in Thailand & had their order sent to Australia?
What was the quality like?
Would you recomend Thaimeds?

Many thanks


Jun 25, 2014
G'day BB
I get thyroid from Pimpom from Thailand. It is sent promptly. I can't say about the quality as I've never tried any other but I'm about to order Haiduts so I can compare.


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Jan 13, 2016
Hi There,
Thank you for letting me know.
I decided to go ahead and order from Thailand .. as it's coming to Ozz , it could take upwards of 4 weeks, according to the 5 emails that were sent back and forwards to them before I ordered! ( In the US and UK it only takes 2 wks , so I was advised ) .... Our Postal service here, is ahhhh slack to say the least , so I was not surprised when I was advised of the time it would take to get here..

After I receive this lot I will see how the product goes ..... I will, however take a look in the interim at Pimpom ...

thanks once again...

take care
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