1. A

    Upcoming Aussie elections.. Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams?

    Fellow Aussies, what do you plan to do for these elections? For anyone who isn't still brainwashed, the general consensus is to vote independent and hopefully we'll have a hung parliament. This funny political satire channel sort of explains it in simplest terms. We want a hung parliament...
  2. JamesGatz

    Cats BANNED from going OUTSIDE in Australia Just the beginning - pretty soon you will be told "owning pets/animals is bad for the environment and your precious dogs/cats will receive the Shanghai treatment: View...
  3. changeling188

    Malcolm Douglas - Australian wildlife/survival documentaries free on YouTube. Fascinating and inspiring.

    View: View: View: I thought the forum might enjoy these...
  4. Drareg

    Australia COVID Lockdowns are cover for China Market crash?

    We have suspected on here covid19 was used as cover to bail banks and big industry out, we seen the issues in the REPO market in September 2019 which was basically a bailout, when the lockdowns were announced the market crashed, controlled demolition of sorts and another wealth transfer in the...
  5. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  6. B

    Idealabs delivery to Australia

    Does anyone know if Idealabs have any issues delivering to Australia? I'm looking to send some supplements there to a relative. Thanks
  7. 3

    Idealabs And Australian Customs - Experiences And Advice?

    Hey, there are many idealabs supplements that i am keen to use, for the Australian users here, how have your experiences been with shipping and customs? ideally i would purchase several different supplements at once just to have them as a remedy/ test which suit me best for daily/weekly use...
  8. B

    Legit T3 Source That Ships To AUS?

    I really want to experiment with T3 if anyone knows of a source (Australia) please post here or pm thanks
  9. Oniyogini

    DMSO In Australia

    G'day! Does anyone know where to buy DMSO at a reasonable price in Australia? I was too paranoid to ship/bring from the US...:( so much cheaper there. Thank you!
  10. BB77

    Pls Advise Has Any 1 Purchased From Thaimeds In Thailand & Had It Sent To Australia?

    Hi There, New here, and fingers crossed ... I am in the right part of the Forum to ask this kind of question?? Pls advise has any 1 purchased from Thaimeds in Thailand & had their order sent to Australia? What was the quality like? Would you recomend Thaimeds? Many thanks BB
  11. C

    Any Peatys In Melbourne/Geelong/Surf Coast?

    Any Peatys in Melbourne/Geelong/Surf Coast??
  12. Snowdrop


    Hi! I was wondering if any Australians on here order aspirin powder? If so, where do you get it from? Also...double animal aspirin safe for human consumption? I have found links to them on here and other places, so just interested to know for sure :D Thank you!
  13. T

    Salt in Australia

    So I gather that Morton's pickling salt is the best because it has no impurities in it, but haven't heard whether or not it has a favourable sodium content (if that even exists between different salts). In Australia I can't find Morton's and it would cost me seventy dollars just for shipping so...