1. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  2. B

    Idealabs delivery to Australia

    Does anyone know if Idealabs have any issues delivering to Australia? I'm looking to send some supplements there to a relative. Thanks
  3. emac

    Idealabs And Australian Customs - Experiences And Advice?

    Hey, there are many idealabs supplements that i am keen to use, for the Australian users here, how have your experiences been with shipping and customs? ideally i would purchase several different supplements at once just to have them as a remedy/ test which suit me best for daily/weekly use...
  4. B

    Legit T3 Source That Ships To AUS?

    I really want to experiment with T3 if anyone knows of a source (Australia) please post here or pm thanks
  5. Oniyogini

    DMSO In Australia

    G'day! Does anyone know where to buy DMSO at a reasonable price in Australia? I was too paranoid to ship/bring from the US...:( so much cheaper there. Thank you!
  6. BB77

    Pls Advise Has Any 1 Purchased From Thaimeds In Thailand & Had It Sent To Australia?

    Hi There, New here, and fingers crossed ... I am in the right part of the Forum to ask this kind of question?? Pls advise has any 1 purchased from Thaimeds in Thailand & had their order sent to Australia? What was the quality like? Would you recomend Thaimeds? Many thanks BB
  7. C

    Any Peatys In Melbourne/Geelong/Surf Coast?

    Any Peatys in Melbourne/Geelong/Surf Coast??
  8. Snowdrop


    Hi! I was wondering if any Australians on here order aspirin powder? If so, where do you get it from? Also...double animal aspirin safe for human consumption? I have found links to them on here and other places, so just interested to know for sure :D Thank you!
  9. T

    Salt in Australia

    So I gather that Morton's pickling salt is the best because it has no impurities in it, but haven't heard whether or not it has a favourable sodium content (if that even exists between different salts). In Australia I can't find Morton's and it would cost me seventy dollars just for shipping so...