1. 8

    Where to buy organic cold-pressed wheat germ oil

    Where to buy an 8-32 ounce bottle that isn't Amazon, for a good price? There are some online from Europe. Is there a cheaper one that ships from North America? (Specifically organic; NOW Foods sells non-organic in lots of stores but I'd guess it has lots of glyphosate concentrated in it.)
  2. S

    1P Discussion

    Hello all, I'm opening this to give ourselves a space to share valid 1P-LSD vendors on the internet. If anyone has experience, please feel free to list your experience with a website, shipping times, customer service and quality as far as you can tell.
  3. Momado965

    Vitamin K2 Recomendations

    Hello there. Do you guys think this brand of k2 is legit? Vitamin K2 Menatetrenone Mk-4 15mg 90 Capsules Been using 15-45mg a day for the past 2 months. I read somewhere on this forum that vitamin E interacts or depletes k2 so how do i work this out? Thank You
  4. B

    Legit T3 Source That Ships To AUS?

    I really want to experiment with T3 if anyone knows of a source (Australia) please post here or pm thanks
  5. biggirlkisss

    Progest In Canada

    looking for progest im in canada do you know where i can buy?
  6. S

    Vitamin E - European Sources

    For some reason, all of the high concentration (95%) mixed tocopherol vitamin e oil is sold in the USA. I could find more than 10 different US based sources selling "natural mixed tocopherol 95%" and not a single EU based one. Which makes me wonder if there is some kind of EU regulation that...
  7. ecstatichamster

    Any Sources Of Procaine?

    interested in trying some out for my headaches. Thanks!
  8. M

    Discount On Thorne Products -Vitamin K2, Etc

    Hello everyone, Im a medical professional who has an account with thorne and am happy to help anyone financially with any products they need. The company can offer the products at a 25-30% discount for any of my patients. If you need help feel free to reach out to me via pm
  9. biggirlkisss

    Looking For Activated Charcoal (Canada)

    activated carcoal looking for it in canada where to buy?
  10. EndAllDisease

    Super Cheap High-Potency Vitamin K2

    I did some shopping today at the healthfood store because I'm almost out of my Thorne Research Vitamin K2. I don't feel like paying $100+ for another 1oz bottle, and all the supps in the store have only 100mcg (1/10th of a mg) and charge like 30 bucks! I've realized today how companies are...
  11. P

    Any Recommendations For A Legit Niacinamide Supplement? Is The NOW! Foods Niacinamide Fake?

    Hello everybody, Has anyone here had consistent powerful results (either good or bad) or experience with a reliable niacinamide brand? What brands are the real deal? The only brand that I knew of was Solaray -thanks to @Dan Wich 's website, and I used it very successfully in doses ranging from...
  12. John Frusciante

    Naloxone Source

    Hello. Ray Peat has talked about this in many articles and interviews, and it is very useful to reduce serotonin and estrogen's effects that are potentiated by endorphins. I had really great results with naltrexone, almost life-changing ones, but the product I was using contained a lot of...
  13. S

    New Powder Supplier

    I have been waiting for years to get ahold of k2 powder and now this website offers it for easy online ordering. They have a lot of other interesting things that have been previously difficult to get like retinyl acetate. Each item comes with a coa.
  14. N

    Peat Friendly Breakfast Cereal?

    What I mean by Peat friendly is the following: Quickly and fully digested starch No added Iron No added soy or PUFA source Almost all breakfast cereals have added iron so they are immediately disqualified as options. Many granolas at whole foods have added seed or soy oil so they are not...
  15. O

    DMSO In Australia

    G'day! Does anyone know where to buy DMSO at a reasonable price in Australia? I was too paranoid to ship/bring from the US...:( so much cheaper there. Thank you!
  16. M

    L-Theanine Without Additives

    does anybody know any good theanine supplements? without any bad stuff in it
  17. D

    Theanine Brands - Which Is Best?

    Out of these three: - Doctor's Best, Suntheanine L-Theanine - Jarrow Formulas, Theanine - Now Foods, L-Theanine which is the "best", or which have you personally used with success?
  18. nullredvector Liquid T3 (liothyronine) Review

    I got some of this, about a week ago. No issues with the company/purchase. The product seems to be right on par with cytomel. It is T3 dissolved in DMSO and there is a blue color I don't know how to account for (maybe MB?) - Im going to email the company.
  19. C

    Orange Sources

    Im sure there are some people in the forum who squeeze their own OJ daily, that have already figured this out. I am looking to start, and before I invest in an orange press I want to know if there is a good online source for oranges which could be cheaper than the grocery store. Are oranges...
  20. D

    Vitamin A And E: Brands, Effects Noticed

    Which type of Vitamin E do you use? I've tried alpha tocopherol with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU in oil, and also "dry E" (tocopheryl succinate), and ironically they all seemed to increase a few estrogenic symptoms
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