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  1. BB77

    Pls Advise Has Any 1 Purchased From Thaimeds In Thailand & Had It Sent To Australia?

    Hi There, New here, and fingers crossed ... I am in the right part of the Forum to ask this kind of question?? Pls advise has any 1 purchased from Thaimeds in Thailand & had their order sent to Australia? What was the quality like? Would you recomend Thaimeds? Many thanks BB
  2. dfspcc20

    Cynomel expiration

    Does Cynomel "go bad" after the expiration date? I have 3 bottles (2 unopened, 1 opened but only used 3 or 4 tablets) that have an expiration date of Feb 2016. They've always been stored in a cool, dry place
  3. Y

    If T3 half-life is 2.5 days then why effects last only 4 hours?

    Why T3 effects only last about 4 hours when its half life is much longer? Some say a half life of 2.5 days Others say 1 day, 12 hours or even 9 hours
  4. Y

    How to prevent supplementary thyroid from reducing natural production?

    How to prevent extra thyroid hormones from reducing TSH and thus natural thyroid production? It is said that even doing things to increase T4 to T3 conversion will reduce TSH and thyroid levels in the long run.
  5. Y

    25 mcg? 50? Effective Levothyroxine doses are 200 to 400 mcg

    I keep on reading reports that large thyroid dosages are required. This is specially true on old reports long before TSH tests were available so they focused mostly on symptoms and body temperature. Are 200 mcg the absolute minimum to feel completely well? Could modern insufficient 25 or 50...
  6. Y

    Do cold hands almost always mean hypothyroidism?

    Unless you have too low blood pressure or blood circulation problems then Does having cold hands while indoor or in fair weather almost always means hypothyroidism?
  7. goodandevil

    Need T3 Source (preferably Tiromel)

    Hi everyone i need a t3 source. I'm working with, but they require bitcoin. Does anyone have any vendor reccomendations? Thx.
  8. Y

    How much more Levothyroxine to bring Free T3/T4 into the upper third of the range?

    Right now I'm taking 50 mcg of Levothyroxine every day. Free T3 and T4 are at about half of the normal range yet I feel like this isn't enough for me as I feel many HYPOthyroid symptoms like cold hands and feet, extreme fatigue, slow digestion. If I want to get Free T3 and Free T4 in the...
  9. M

    Which Farmacia Del Nino?

    Just wondering which Farmacia Del Nino everyone is or
  10. F

    U.S. Levothyroxine + T3 VS Cynoplus

    So I've been on Nature Throid for a couple of years without feeling a whole lot of improvement so I decided to try one of those NDT from Pimpom and some of my symptoms are like they were before Nature Throid. So I thought of giving Cynoplus a try only to see that none of the Mixican pharmacies...
  11. J

    cynomel available first quarter of 2016

    Mymexicandrugstore has just updated that Cynomel will be available in the first quarter of 2016. According to the blog on their website. ... able-soon/ They say that it won't be discontinued.
  12. Y

    Cant take T3/Cytomel/Liothyronine with calcium carbonate?

    I saw this quote from the following site: Anyone aware of this? How strict should I be about this?
  13. Y

    Any known drug interactions with t3/liothyronine?

    Gonna take t3 aka liothyronine tomorrow.... But currently i take the following : Magnesium, k2,vit A&D, cyproheptadine, vit e, coq10,taurine, siberian ginseng Just wondering if anyone knows of any possible dangerous drug interactions with t3, especially with cyproheptadine.
  14. Y

    Doctor Gave Me Slow Release T3, Do I Take It?

    I have been given prescription for slow release T3. He is not doing this randomly. He is an integrative doctor specializing in thyroid disorders. I called the chemist up and he already knew the doctor and the prescription, so looks like the doctor prescribes t3 regularly to patients. but its...
  15. J

    anyone tried this T3 from LA anabolics? ... mcg100.htm
  16. goodandevil reputation? (As t3 source)

    Only place i can find t3 ... legit?
  17. J

    T3 Questions

    If it is unnatural to take more then 4-5 mcg of t3/per hour, how can one take more then say 50 mcg or so of t3 a day? thanks
  18. J

    T3 supplement

    anyone have a T3 supplement/med working well for them right now? rx or no rx is fine
  19. Parsifal

    How to get T3 in France without prescription?

    Hey guys, my question is in the title. I found this product that seems okay and that I may be able to get in my country: ... aland.html but there is liver with it so I wonder if I might not get too much iron/TSH or other things with it or if there is a...
  20. mayweatherking

    Please Answer Quickly If You Know. What Thyroid Is Doc Equivalent Of Cynoplus In Usa

    Im going to doc in an hr to try to get a thyroid prescription. .. do they have cynoplus in usa or what is the next best thing?
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