Past Left Arm Elbow Area Minifracture Induced Difference In Pressure During Exercising


Oct 7, 2020
In the past I fell from bicycle sort of on the side with my left arm resulting in minifracture so it got put in a gypsum, afterwards it had limited range of motion so I went to a physiotherapist who got it back to 70% of the original however at that time didn't have money for further visits so was told to keep doing that motion of pressing it inwards like when you flex bicep by pushing the bottom part of the arm against the upper part so I continued at home but it was too painful so I didn't continue thus if I flex both arms I can see that compared to my other arm that has the natural healthy range of motion the left arm bottom part doesn't press fully against the bicep like there's a degree of space between them.

However, the issue now is that when I exercise involving both arms for example pushups or barbell based exercises there's often an imbalance in the pressure and position of the barbell and the left arm positions differently resulting in the side of dumbbell gripped by left hand going slightly lower than the other and curls or overhead presses and anything involving barbell afterwards makes the left wrist painful that doesn't happen to the other arm so it's due to that change caused by the fracture resulting in different positioning or something like that.

Therefore my question is if it's possible to make the left arm fully press together in the way as it was before aka restore that 30% of range of motion and therefore cure the imbalance I get during the exercises?

I assume it had to be put back into the full range of motion after healing but due to me resisting pushing it further to do that due to the pain due to not being able to continue going to the physiotherapist due to financial reasons I have 30% of unrestored range of motion only visible when flexing both arms and it's mostly an issue in weight training exercises otherwise in daily tasks it doesn't have any impact.

How can it be restored to fully 100% not just 70% years after that fracture, what exercises, supplements or strategies could make it go back into the previous state, I assume due to it being in 1 position due to not being able to move it due to the fracture the natural lubrication might have decreased or something like that, the physiotherapy restored 70% of the range of motion but 30% only noticed during the imbalance during weightlifting or if flexed still remained due to not fully completing the physiotherapy exercises so whatever could help with that please tell me it'd let me do exercises involving both arms more efficiently without getting sore left wrist or imbalanced arm positioning and so on.
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