1. M

    Testimonials with Rife machines?

    Would love to know if anyone has had experience with rife machines, if yes what did it do for you or someone you know? what are some powerful frequency's to use with it? what's the best machine to get for something like this? any additional information you want to throw in there would be great...
  2. cs3000

    Bromelain increases tendon healing, enhances tenocytes

    Bromelain is found in pineapple juice or stem. looks like a nice substance for significantly reducing inflammation, improving gut health, potentially bettering cancer outcomes, blood thinning, & tendon healing. It improves tendon injury healing through stimulating tenoblasts proliferation...
  3. blackface

    Tips for healing lower back pain

    Hello, for last 2 or 3 months I developed really unpleasant lower back pain. I always had a problem with lower back because of deadlifting and lifting weights in general. But now I can't get rid of it. I have tried to eliminate the problematic movements in the gym and I have reduced my...
  4. Inaut

    The Healing Power Of The Hum

    The Healing Power of the Hum of the Humming Bees Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman CC BY 2.0 IMCBerea College To begin, we sing (or should we say hum!) the praises of the humming bee. This small but magnificent creature pollinates flowers, makes honey, and fills the world with its buzzing...
  5. Peatful

    RPF: A Call to Return to Decency, Dignity, Humility and Respect

    We now represent the person of Ray Peat. Im referring to the general quote of his of his life extended through us. People will hear about him in the many years to come- and many will visit here: our beloved Ray Peat Forum. Charlie has some basic terms of service. I screenshotted below. Im...
  6. Inaut

    Bruno Groening: Master Of Bioenergetic Healing

    Preface - I get skepticism. I’m a skeptic to the core so i get it if somebody thinks this quackery. I found this story rather interesting and some concepts fit quite nicely in to the bioenergetic/metabolic model and energy healing. It’s far out though... View: https://youtu.be/ZNlXuclHhVc...
  7. Peatful

    Tell me you’re no longer hypothyroid without telling me you’re no longer hypothyroid

    I sleep with my feet on the outside of the covers. No socks. In November! Your turn.
  8. L

    What do you think about Chiropractic?

    What do you think about Chiropractic? Do you have any experiences with it? https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/chiropractic-in-depth
  9. RealNeat

    Anyone get labs (or other test) done and see benefits from addressing markers?

    I see a lot of people getting various types of lab work done but I haven't heard many follow ups or testimonials of improvement. Have you experienced benefits from addressing certain biomarkers? What were they? What was the improvement? How did you accomplish it?
  10. 3

    Reichian Therapy, character armour

    does anybody here have any experience or knowledge about Reichian therapy? ive attached a book that discusses his exercises and therapy - but it all seems very intense/ risky / a tremendous task to go ahead with alone. ive only read the first 150 or so pages and some of chapter 23 (on...
  11. T

    Join me on my health journey :)

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to this forum. It's been about 2 months since I have adopted a BioEnergetic approach to my diet and lifestyle and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've done for my health in a long time. I am so happy I found this community and hope to collaborate with many of...
  12. E

    Past Left Arm Elbow Area Minifracture Induced Difference In Pressure During Exercising

    In the past I fell from bicycle sort of on the side with my left arm resulting in minifracture so it got put in a gypsum, afterwards it had limited range of motion so I went to a physiotherapist who got it back to 70% of the original however at that time didn't have money for further visits so...
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