Mainstream Article: "Slowing Down -- Is Aging Caused By Decreased Cellular Metabolism?"


Feb 26, 2018
Slowing down -- Is aging caused by decreased cellular metabolism?

The answer is yes ... as we all know . But great to see some common sense from science. So they seem to be on the right track finally , cant wait to see the studies that pick up that hypothesis . Also interesting that Taurine deficiency was crucial for aging and degeneration.

"The liver was found to exhibit downregulation in the metabolic pathways that generate taurine, which is necessary for mitochondrial respiration, as well as nucleotides, which are molecules that are implicated in cell division. These insufficiencies were also linked to anemia in the Shmt2-knockout E13.5 embryos."

"Although some researchers have proposed that human aging and age-related defects in mitochondrial respiration are caused by the accumulation of mutations in mitochondrial DNA," study senior author Jun-Ichi Hayashi says, "our data support an alternative explanation: age-related defects in mitochondrial respiration may be triggered by changes in the activity of metabolic pathways that are caused by epigenetic downregulation, but not by mutations, of specific genes associated with mitochondrial function."

Understanding the mechanisms by which epigenetic processes impact cellular activity could provide insight regarding the processes associated with aging and illness. This could then lead to new treatments for conditions caused by genetic abnormalities, or even a way to extend life itself.
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