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Hypothyroid, Low Progesterone Or Low Testosterone? (Male)


Jan 14, 2018
Hey guys,
I need some advice concerning my health issues. I have a similar background story to Danny Roddy (come from the LCHF/Keto camp and past vegan many years back).

I've struggled with primarily hormonal issues last few years, confirmed:

  • low free testosterone at multiple times (Total T is always high, right now Free T is in lower normal range)
  • high SHBG (consistently, seems to not change from either supplements or diet)
  • estrogen dominance (but fixed it so estradiol is normal range now)
  • low progesterone (unusual for guys? I’m clueless about this one).
  • I also had low Iron/Ferritin in the past.
  • Low IGF-1
  • Low Iodine

Some hormone labs from May last year (I have more I can show if needed, have tested many things):

Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-01-17 10.02.04.png

I discovered Peat about 2 weeks back and have been on a Peat diet for about a week, adding sugar back into my life which I have not really consumed for the last few years in large amounts.

Feel pretty good, noticed more energy and stable mood. Surprised about sugar really, but I always felt that the low carb camp was probably wrong about it, my grandma is 96 and has been eating sugar daily for all her life haha.

These are my current health challenges (I’m 30 years old, 71kg, 183cm):

#1 Libido - I have not had a decent sex drive for many years now. I almost never feel in the mood even though I am practically surrounded by beautiful ladies. The weird thing is I have major morning wood almost every morning and erectile dysfunction is often just mild, I just have no interest and it drives me crazy and really gets me down. Feel completely asexual.

#2 Dry Skin & Hair loss - I started balding about 6 years ago and it’s been pretty rapid, I know it got triggered by lots of stress in my life. My skin has been generally very dry even since I was younger but now especially my forehead is super dry and wrinkled to the point where it probably looks 10 years older than I am. No amount of creams/lotion seem to help, it just sucks it all up and dries out again. I also have similar dry patches above my stomach.

#3 Low Mood & Energy - Could be related because of above problems too. I just don’t feel a 100% most of the time.

Since discovering Peat I started learning about the Thyroid for the first time, something I never cared about in the past because my labs was always OK concerning it.

My last thyroid labs was 2015/2016 but I still had same problems back then as now:

TSH - 1.13 uIU/mL
Free T3 - 3.69 pg/mL
Free T4 - 1.68 ng/dL - BORDERLINE HIGH?

In 2016 my iodine tested low:
Urine iodine - 57.4 ug/L - LOW ref: 90 - 230 ug/L

The crazy thing is I have been monitoring my pulse and morning temperatures last few weeks, they are consistently around:

97.34 temp
53-54 bpm

So this would almost suggestion Hypothyroid even though my labs were good before? I had a low resting heart rate for many years and I am not fit at all or practice regular cardio. I thought it was a good thing but now realize that maybe it is not.

I am also wondering about my consistent low Progesterone readings as a man:

0.14 ng/mL - LOW
0.21 ng/mL - LOW?
(Here I supplemented with B6, Vit C & Vitex trying to get it up)

Is this correct ref range? Been hard to find one for men:
0.3 ng/mL (Men age 18-29)

I cannot supplement Pregnenolone because I get a stress reaction when taking it. Similar with DHEA (I think it convert to estrogen a lot).

I have used Progesterone cream in past with sometimes good results, but it tanked my estradiol and hard to dose, I have ordered Idealabs Prog and plant to do 3-6mg drops orally per day to avoid buildup in tissues.

I actually had improved sex drive back in 2016 using Progesterone cream and it brought my free testosterone up as well, but stopped because estradiol went so low it could not be seen in labs.

I also got a bottle of Thiroyd which I plan on starting to experiment with, what dosage do you suggest?

Other than that I am taking Taurine, Gelatin and Magnesium Transdermal at bedtime. But I have to take small dosages or I feel really weird (low cortisol? I had it in the past).

I am very grateful for any suggestions you guys might have, you all seem very knowledgeable. Thanks!


Thread starter
Jan 14, 2018
A small update, I did a pretty hard workout (weightlifting) yesterday and then took 1/8 grain of Thiroyd with dinner and then went to bed. Wanted to try a minimum dose.

Today I woke up with nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea and eventually in the afternoon it developed into a light fever, temp varied between 99.3-100.

I felt like crap and spent most of the day in bed. Resting heart rate up to 75-85 bpm. I took an acetaminophen and felt better but the temperature did not go down from it.

This could not possibly be some reaction from such a small dosage of Thiroyd right? Does it work that fast?

Seems crazy but I spent most of the time at home yesterday so if it's not that then it must have been a bug triggered by the workout.

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