Obstacles To Following Peat In India

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    Jan 8, 2018
    I haven't really come across any Indians here. I feel like it's pretty difficult to follow Peat's ideas in here. I don't trust most of the supplements here. Most of Haidut's or other common supplement brands are either unavailable or pretty expensive in India. But the worst of all is the unavailability of T3 in India. So as of now the things I do include:
    - increase my milk intake
    - cook food in coconut oil
    - eat carrot salad
    - eat more potatoes and mushrooms (I don't eat beef or pork; I do eat chicken, fish and eggs)
    - avoid PUFAs whenever possible
    - have more orange juice and
    - increase sugar intake

    Any info about good supplements here in India, and other lifestyle changes that i can include would be much appreciated.

    I got some labs checked yesterday:
    Total cholesterol - 180 mg/dL, triglycerides - 206 mg/dL, HDL - 35 mg/dL, LDL - 105 mg/dL
    Total Protein - 8.10 g/dL, Serum Albumin - 5.20 g/dL, globulin - 2.90 g/dL
    Cortisol - 5.860 mcg/dL, Prolactin - 4.4 ng/mL, Testosterone - 4.51 ng/mL
    Vit D - 18.70 ng/mL
    FSH - 2.5mIU/mL, LH - 4.3mIU/mL
    Free T3 - 3.49 pg/mL, T4 - 1.16 ng/dL
    T3 - 1.31 ng/mL, T4 - 7.72 mcg/dL, TSH - 3.660 mcIU/mL

    My thyroid profile from 2 years back:
    T3 - 1.04, T4 - 7.65, TSH - 2.890
    I don't understand why t3 and t4 improved over the 2 years yet my TSH has increased significantly.
    Also I have seborrheic dermatitis. I guess that could very well be from my low vit D.