Feeling Lighter - Gravity


Oct 22, 2012
Has anyone had the feeling of being lighter....as if gravity has less of a pull on you, because your muscles are well fueled and are working with greater ease?

I just noticed this a few moments ago...after a few days eating sugar with near abandon. Not totally, because I must remember to eat only when hungry....soon after noticing I'm thinking of food (but not to the point of ravenous) and stop when satisfied. I'll dig out canned peaches, etc. when I eat cooked meat. But until now, I'm enjoying gelatin thickened candy-like coffee/hot chocolate. I mix the cocoa in sugar before adding to the gelatin coffee. Then vanilla, butter and cream. Full meal in a Campbell Soup Cup.

....off topic: Perhaps this is something more women do than men..... Did you ever mix up a small bowl of butter/butter-cream frosting as you craved it but didn't have any candy in the house and the sensation of licking it slowly off the spoon was part of the enjoyment? I always had guilt for doing this, until I realized it's just a fast homemade candybar. Apparently, my body trying to correct deficiency.

It never made me any fatter than I already was. And in fact, before children, I could lose weight and still enjoy this once a day in the middle of the afternoon. Ha! Now I know why.



Aug 6, 2019
I've had 4000 calories of frosting over the past two days (if the nutrition labels are accurate). It hits the spot!


Oct 1, 2019
I had this feeling from Aspirin (500-1000mg), when bowel movements are frequent (at least 3-5 times a day), from pure succinic acid (200mg).
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