Does Having High Blood Magnesium Mean I Am Effectively Retaining Magnesium

Nick Borcic

Jun 1, 2017
Hello All,

I am on the higher end of normal range for magnesium and I just started supplementing t3.

My question is blood work accurate with determining this or is a hair mineral analysis test more accurate?

I got my bloods done before I start t3 (25 mcg a day nibbled throughout the course of a day) since I want to lower my cholesterol and I am on the higher range values for pretty much everything (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium)

TSH was 2.1
Free t3 and free t4 were both on the low end.

Ferratin was 40 - I want to increase this but peat says hypothyroidism is the cause of low ferratin so I will take thyroid and monitor this while eating more red meat ( it is non existent right now)

PS - I am curious how to dose this close to bed time as I heard the half life is 6 hours but one can go hypo in the middle of then night since t3's half life is short. I also heard that it works in conjunction with you're thyroid and wont supress at that low of a dose but I guess I will just find out


Nov 22, 2017
What is your morning temperature? During the day?
If these are optimal, then I'd say, yes you're probably retaining mg well.

But since your cholesterol is high, you might be missing something else, like vitamin A, selenium, zinc etc to enable conversion of the steroids.

Nick Borcic

Thread starter
Jun 1, 2017
Temps arent the best prior to thyroid

I'm dosing t3 4mcg every 2 hours so 48mcg/50mcg a day and temps are great sleep amazing just a bit worried about shutdown . Ray says 2 3 days but studies show weeks for recovery so now I'm a bit scared lol

Besides the point yes temps are better now but before they were bad low pulse with higher end range of magnesium on my blood work with both high calcium and high magnesium

Nick Borcic

Thread starter
Jun 1, 2017
Could this indicate an adrenal issue which I've suspected and had a saliva 4x test done showing low morning cortisol and high cortisol at night

My egfr was declining so damn maybe stop magnesium? Any way to help the kidneys out?


Jul 30, 2019
The most reliable magnesium test is an RBC magnesium test. Most blood work only measures serum, which cannot access proper status of most minerals.

Also, references for a magnesium deficient population aren't reliable. Ideal levels will be between 6-6.5mg/dL
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