Advice When Preparing For Blood Tests To Make Them More Accurate


Mar 2, 2018
I’ve just payed over £250 for some extensive blood tests from MEDI checks:

I’ve been wanting to test DHT for a while as i took a short course of Accutane when i was like 14 and always wondered if it permanently did anything to my DHT.

I plan to go down this Monday or Tuesday morning to get them done, probably between 8-9:30AM. (Tuesday more likely)

  • Bit of a weird question: I normally ejaculate once or twice a week normally over the weekend. I haven’t ejaculated since last Sunday, Should I avoid ejaculation in preparation for the blood test on Monday/Tuesday or should i just do as normal to produce an accurate figure of what things are on a normal basis? (The reason why I ask is because obviously i’m getting things like DHT/DHEA/Testosterone tested and don’t want to mess up the results).
  • And does anyone have any tips for anything i should avoid eating or just ANYTHING at all? I’ve payed a lot for these tests so i’m sure you can all understand.

Thank in advance!
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