Does anybody do blood test-could we share them here

Discussion in 'Blood Work, Labs' started by BaconBits, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Does anybody here do blood tests for certain nutrients like ferritin or vitamin D that we could share. Like vitamin D, it would be interesting to know how much to take to get to optimal blood levels. How much should we take or how long should we sunbath.

    I just got my result for test I did few days ago. I looked at B-12, ferritin and vitamin D.

    Not very good.

    Vit D: if I calculate to ng/ml it would be over 113 ng/ml. I take 5000 iu Twinlab dots+1000 iu from the D3 & K2 dots+400 iu from multi. Too much, thats why I get so sensitive teeth apparently if I dont take K2.
    There wasnt much sun here until this weeks so it wasn from sunbathing.

    Ferritin: Slightly over 240 ng/ml. Too much. Need to donate blood.

    B-12: a little bit over 270 pg/ml. Twinlab cyanocobalamin seem to not work so well will switch to methylcobalamin.