incandescent bulbs

  1. biggirlkisss

    Halogen Better Then Incadence For Red Light? this shows halogen having more red then incandence is halogen superior?
  2. Makrosky

    Quick Question About A Light Bulb I Have

    Hey fellas, I've found a light bulb in a closet while cleaning that is : phillips, with filament, 250W and the glass is tinted infrared. It has a standard socket. I'm wondering if I can do something with it? I am totally clueless about light therapy. It's a topic I haven't investigated yet...
  3. I

    Infrared Lights - Beurer, Philips Etc

    Beurer IL 50 Infrared Heat Lamp 300W Hey, I just ordered this infrared lamp Beurer IL 50 Infrared heat lamp & Personal Care What do you think, is this somewhat the kind of red light that Ray recommends? Read on another site that the wavelength is in the range...
  4. L

    Peat Red Light Set Up In UK

    I would like to put together a therapeutic incandescent light bulb setup. I live in the UK. Which clear heat bulbs recommended in the EU ? Does anyone have a recommendation for a stand ? Thank you
  5. F

    Red Light In Europe

    The winter is here and it's cold and dark all the time were I live. I need some help to find the right type of lights to use during the winter. We have 220-240 v here while US has 110-130 v or something, right? Anyways, I found this bulb on ebay: ...
  6. Velve921

    Trying To Find Infrared Light Bulb

    Does anyone have any links to order an Infrared bulbs?
  7. M

    Incandescent Bulbs: Can They Damage The Eyes?

    I got my first incandescent light, 150 watt. oh my goodness, is it bright. How do you all keep it on for example, your thyroid or your scalp, without it hurting your eyes?? Can it damage your eyes even if indirectly looking into it?? It is so bright?? also, another question, how many of...
  8. haidut

    Red Light Experiment (120V Vs. 130V)

    Hi all, This topics has been discussed many times, without any definite resolution. Hopefully, I will be able to add something to it (not the confusion:-) though). So, the confusion stems from the fact that Ray Peat recommends a heat lamp designed for 130V network but run at 120V. In his...
  9. I

    What's Your Lamp Setup?

    Just wondering what people are using to string up their lamps. I assume most of us have the brooder lamps with the clips like this ... nch/969081 Right now I have 2 of them and they are clipped to the curved part of a lamp that looks basically like this...
  10. Peata

    Into The Light [Incandescent Bulb, Experience]

    I got my first heat lamp and a cord w/clamp at the hardware store. Pretty excited to get into the light part of Peating. I hope it's the right kind - GE Heat Lamp R40, 250 watts. Makes me feel like a chick, lol.
  11. J

    Do Heat Lamps Suck?

    My interpretation of this chart is that you get more intense red frequencies from incandescent lights than from red lights. Is this correct?
  12. I

    Incandendescent Bulbs: Sources

    I bought this red light, Is It Ok? Oops. We're sorry, but the page you requested was not found. ... ****/980721[/URL] It was the highest watts that Home Depot carried so I got 2 of them... will this be ok?
  13. J

    Red, Orange, And Yellow Lights

    Incandescent lights have the beneficial red and orange frequencies at higher intensities than the stressful blue. Wouldn't we get even more benefits if we were exposed to red and orange frequencies but not the blue? There are incandescent lights that are sold as red and other colors. I don't...
  14. J

    Differences In Incandescent Lights

    I went to the store and was looking at incandescent lights. Some of them were labelled "soft white". Others were labelled "spot". What are the differences between these lights from a Peat/wavelength perspective?
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