Nov 7, 2013
The winter is here and it's cold and dark all the time were I live. I need some help to find the right type of lights to use during the winter. We have 220-240 v here while US has 110-130 v or something, right? Anyways, I found this bulb on ebay: ... EBIDX%3AIT
It's a 300 watt incandescent light bulb (230v), is this what ray recommends? Also, do I need something else? A Reflector or something?
Any help would be appreciated.


Mar 29, 2014
I'm not in Europe, but I would imagine it would need to be screwed into a socket that was rated for at least 300 Watts. Where I am, most ceiling light fittings are limited to 100W, and free standing lamps are often limited to 40 Watts. The risk of putting a 300 Watt bulb into a 100Watt fitting (or worse still, a 40 Watt fitting) is that it will get a lot hotter than the fitting is designed for, so it could melt and/or increase fire risk. Not a good idea, I think.


Dec 21, 2013
I talked to Peat about this, here is the convo:

Hello Dr Peat,
Do you know if heatlamps sold in EU are ok as a single light source? We don't have regular powerful incandescents.
Or would it be best to add some LED or halogen light to complement the heatlamps? (Still in favor of red spectrum though)
Thank you so much!
How do they describe the heatlamps? Is the glass clear? Halogen is probably the best substitute for ordinary incandescent.
Thank you.
Would halogen be better than LED which are 2700K?
The heat lamp is clear and 250w.
It seems to be much IR, but not so much yellow/orange.
This seems to be the spectrum: [Image of Philips BR125ir heat bulb 250w]
The spectrum of the halogen is probably richer in the valuable wavelength; LED clusters are usually just a few wavelengths.
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