Red, Orange, And Yellow Lights



Incandescent lights have the beneficial red and orange frequencies at higher intensities than the stressful blue. Wouldn't we get even more benefits if we were exposed to red and orange frequencies but not the blue?

There are incandescent lights that are sold as red and other colors. I don't know the mechanism behind how they work, so I ask: is using some of the red and orange lights listed below healthy, better than using the typical incandescent lights?

(if some links seem duplicate, they aren't, the products have slight differences)

There is a similar question at Peatarian.


Mar 20, 2013
Different lighting for daytime and nighttime makes the most sense to me.

For nighttime, I'm considering experimenting with some lights like you've shared here. Right now I'm using a this bulb from

"Comprised of five amber LEDs mounted inside the dome, this low-blue bulb emits light within the visible spectrum above 510nm which therefore does not contain melatonin-suppressing blue wavelengths of light."

I want to try a far red LED bulb too. There are quite a few with wavelengths right at 660nm. If I get one of those chicken feeder bases and put one of those red lights in it and turn that on every night, I could really start scaring people. Especially if I get some suspenders and start sleeping with a sickle and a shotgun next to my bed ;)


sara n.

Jun 27, 2013
In the photos, the two small hand held LED arrays are, coincidentally, what I am choosing between at the moment. I am looking for info to help me choose between the red only and the red/infrared/yellow one. I had one of the red handheld arrays for "spot" heating on my neck, up and down my spine, on my hands and feet (neuropathy) and on sore spots (myofascial trigger points) and on small injuries/wounds. But I accidentally broke it, hence looking to replace it. Had planned to just get the solid red 660 nm array again, but the red/infrared/yellow one looks very interesting.
Anyone have any opinions of which is better?
sara n.


Mar 30, 2017
I'd like to make a positive review for

I ordered their night light and it was exactly what I was hopping for. Perfect brightness with a warm yellow/orange glow.

I also ordered two of their "13W 120V Compact Fluorescent" lights. At first I didn't like it due to its lemon yellow glow. It took about two weeks to get used to it. But I would now order it all over again, even though it was a bit pricey with shipping to Canada.


Mar 1, 2013
you want clear bulbs because these block orange light and yes less blue the better more red and orange the better.
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